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Alex Selma (Faura, 1980) and Clara del Portillo (Valencia, 1980) met at the beginning of their careers in the exhibition NUDE 2004 in Valencia, Spain. At that time they begin a partnership that leads them to create Yonoh in 2006. Since then YONOH is evolving as a studio exposing in the next NUDE editions from 2005 till 2007 in Design Lab 2005 in Paris, France and in Spain Emotion, an exposition organized by the Spanish ICEX in Tokyo, Japan in 2008. They were also awarded with the Injuve prize in 2008, given by the Spanish Ministry of Equality as one of the best new Spanish design studios of the year. Yonoh studio is characterized by its simple, yet functional designs. Simplicity, originality and innovation, without extravagance, is the backbone to their design philosophy studying each small detail minutely in each of their projects.

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