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Ra table lamp

by Lumina
$ 3,750.00
SKU 001574-01
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Product description:

The high tech Table lamp RA by Lumina is made out of steel and technopolymers,featuring two separate adjustable arms. The light is conveyed through silicium fiber optics. A "touch" dimmer controls the intensity of the light and the ON-OFF function.

Ra by Ettore Cimini is an absolute, unique and exclusive object that strongly marks a whole room by itself and has already obtained prestigious acknowledgments, finding its own place in the history of design. Its presence captures glances and raises interest and admiration while its snakelike shape has a taste of ancient rituals. But this would only be a pure exercise in style was it not the consequence of a unique functional and innovative choice: the use of a double bunch of optic fibres coming from a single light source allows reaching new functions and an extraordinary level of visual and physiologic comfort. First of all, the use of optic fibres allows to the lamp to displace any annoying source of heat, electromagnetic radiations and UV rays, far away from the face. Secondly, the light, filtered thought the optic fibres, is soft, cool and comfortable. This intrinsic feature is further underlined by the use of two separate conductors coming from the light source. This characteristic achieves functions that would be otherwise impossible to combine, such as lighting two different work areas, concentrating the light coming from two different directions in a single light area and reducing remaining shadows, effectively lighting asymmetric areas or using a part of the light beam to clear the room. To conclude, a series of dicroic colour filters in blue, red and green implements the principles of colour therapy to favour concentration, lucidity and psycho-physical well-being. This lamp is ideal for all locations where a light really becomes design, on a prestigious table but also in a modern bedroom.





Ettore Cimini

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Light bulb:

50W Halogen bulb (included)


metal, glass