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Nuvem Suspension Light

by Slamp
$ 2,380.00
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Lead Time: Ships within 3-4 weeks.

We didn’t make a lamp, we made a ceiling”. Miguel Arruda introduces his work with Slamp with these words. The modular system started from the symbology he applied to a sculpture in 1980; Slamp’s R&D team transformed it, creating folded and jointed, meter-long hexagonal sections to be infinitely combined, filling a space with floating landscapes. Nuvem is a “ceiling”, illuminated by bidirectional spotlights (GU10).

Infinite extensions in every direction
The meter-long hexagonal elements are easily connected by hand using a series of interlocking tabs that allow for limitless omnidirectional installation. The modules facilitate the adaptable and mutable personalization of private and contract spaces, adding a strong artistic note to each.

Adjustable Height
Nuvem not only comes with wires reaching a length of 6 mt., but once hung, the installation’s appearance can be manipulated using the “push and pull” system located underneath each decorative module. By pulling or releasing the individual wires, the lamp stretches or dilates, taking on a life of its own, becoming a “flowing” ceiling.

Personalized Spotlights
Nuvem’s lighting system is a series of bidirectional spotlights (one per square meter) that can be positioned above or below (threaded through the modules’ openings). Additional spotlights can be purchased separately for compositions that require amplified illumination.

From a lamp to vertical decoration
Weightless and free…just like a cloud. Nuvem goes beyond traditional illumination, with agile anatomy that allows it to transform the architectural elements of a space, running across the ceiling and moving down the walls, creating an infinite sky.

  • Design: Miguel Arruda
  • Manufactured In: Italy
  • Ratings:
  • Location Rating: ETL Listed
  • Specifications:
  • Opalflex
  • Dimensions:
  • Fixture: W 39 in , H 2 in , D 36 in
  • Maximum Hanging: L Adj To 234 in