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Lance Ceiling / Wall Light

$ 388.00
SKU L685678

The Lance Ceiling / Wall Light is available in Aged Brass, Chrome, Satin Nickel Finish and 13.4"(34 cm), 17.2"(44 cm), 23.3"(59 cm) Width variations and 2700K, 3000K Color temp options, made with high-quality material.

  • Shade Color: Frost Glass
  • Size:
    13 Inch: 
    13.4"(34 cm)W x 3.3"(8 cm)H 
    18 Inch: 17.2"(44 cm)W x 4"(10,2 cm)H 
    24 Inch: 23.3"(59 cm)W x 5"(12.7 cm)H 
  • Dimmer: Low Voltage Electronic
  • Labels: ADA
  • Lamp Source: LED
  • Bulb:
    13 Inch: 1 x LED/22W/120V or 1 x LED/22W/277V LED LED module included
    18 Inch: 1 x LED/33W/120V or 1 x LED/33W/277V LED LED module included
    24 Inch: 1 x LED/45W/120V or 1 x LED/45W/277V LED LED module included
  • Total Wattage: 22 watts
  • Lamp Color: 2700K or 3000K
  • Color Rendering: 90 CRI
  • Luminous Flux:
    13 Inch: 1132 lumens
    18 Inch: 1692 lumens
    24 Inch: 3506 lumens
  • Lamp Life: 25000 hours
  • | MFR ID: 700FMLNC13A-LED927 |MFR ID: 700FMLNC13A-LED930 |MFR ID: 700FMLNC18A-LED927 |MFR ID: 700FMLNC18A-LED930 |MFR ID: 700FMLNC24A-LED927 |MFR ID: 700FMLNC24A-LED930 |MFR ID: 700FMLNC13C-LED927 |MFR ID: 700FMLNC13C-LED930 |MFR ID: 700FMLNC18C-LED927 |MFR ID: 700FMLNC18C-LED930 |MFR ID: 700FMLNC24C-LED927 |MFR ID: 700FMLNC24C-LED930 |MFR ID: 700FMLNC13S-LED927 |MFR ID: 700FMLNC13S-LED930 |MFR ID: 700FMLNC18S-LED927 |MFR ID: 700FMLNC18S-LED930 |MFR ID: 700FMLNC24S-LED927 |MFR ID: 700FMLNC24S-LED930 |MFR ID: 700FMLNC13A-LED927-277 |MFR ID: 700FMLNC13A-LED930-277 |MFR ID: 700FMLNC18A-LED927-277 |MFR ID: 700FMLNC18A-LED930-277|MFR ID: 700FMLNC24A-LED927-277 |MFR ID: 700FMLNC24A-LED930-277|MFR ID: 700FMLNC13C-LED927-277 |MFR ID: 700FMLNC13C-LED930-277|MFR ID: 700FMLNC18C-LED927-277|MFR ID: 700FMLNC18C-LED930-277|MFR ID: 700FMLNC24C-LED927-277|MFR ID: 700FMLNC24C-LED930-277|MFR ID: 700FMLNC13S-LED927-277|MFR ID: 700FMLNC13S-LED930-277|MFR ID: 700FMLNC18S-LED927-277|MFR ID: 700FMLNC18S-LED930-277|MFR ID: 700FMLNC24S-LED927-277|MFR ID: 700FMLNC24S-LED930-277|