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Cheri Side Table

$ 579.20
SKU TC0078-01
Base Finish
Top Finish
Lead Time: Ships within 8-12 weeks.
The Cheri side tables speak of the softer, more gentile qualities of your home. This upholstered table family fills space with vibrant yet neutral colors to combine best with more airy, open modern furniture. Move these tables around, sit on them, lay down your tea, and keep them for many years. The small coffee table is perfect for the internal corner of a sectional sofa, while the larger coffee table and side tables love to be the center of attention between a family of lounge chairs and larger sectionals. A round coffee table, medium-height, and short diameter, or wider and compact. The Canaletto walnut or oak covered top produces a sort of warmth, nicely matching the different fabrics ‘ textures. Breen velvet, Yuta powder, Greek beige have different textures, yet they all maintain Cherie’s “cuddled” style.
Design by Davide Bozzini
Manufacturer Model number(s) CHERI-SIDE-TABLE-P-6027-P-CH17-14, CHERI-SIDE-TABLE-P-6027-P-CH17-16, CHERI-SIDE-TABLE-P-6027-P-CH17-17, CHERI-SIDE-TABLE-P-6027-P-TY47-14, CHERI-SIDE-TABLE-P-6027-P-TY47-16, CHERI-SIDE-TABLE-P-6027-P-TY47-17, CHERI-SIDE-TABLE-P-6027-P-TG36-14, CHERI-SIDE
Dimensions in inches and cm Diameter:13.5"(34.3 cm) X Height:19.5"(49.5 cm)
Finish Wood
Material(s) Wood, Fabric, Polystyrene
Return Terms Non Returnable / Non Cancelable
Country of manufacturer Italy