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15 Chandelier

$ 1,786.50
SKU 015687-01
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Product Details:

The 15 Chandelier has been made by Italamp. 15 Chandelier is a contemporary pendant lamp consisting of crystal, Swarovski elements and metal. This precious hanging light is available in multiple versions including a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 24 candle lights, with finishes in Swarovski teak, crystal and glass. The 15 Chandelier is dimmable with indoor use only. Illumination is provided by E12, 5x40W Halogen, or 5x8W Energy Saving, or 5x4W LED bulb (not included).





Made in:



Extrasmall: 15/5: Diameter: 22.9"(58.2cm), Height: 21.3"(54.1cm)

Small: 15/6: Diameter: 22.9"(58.2cm), Height: 21.3"(54.1cm)

Medium: 15/8: Diameter: 22.9"(58.2cm), Height: 21.3"(54.1cm)

Large: 15/6+3: Diameter: 22.9"(58.2cm), Height: 28.8"(73.2cm)

Extralarge: 15/8+4: Diameter: 25.6"(65cm), Height: 28.8"(73.2cm)

XXLarge: 15/10+5: Diameter: 29.6"(75.2cm), Height: 28.8"(73.2cm)

Lamp A: 15/12+6: Diameter: 29.6"(75.2cm), Height: 28.8"(73.2cm)

Lamp B: 15/12+12: Diameter: 29.6"(75.2cm), Height: 28.8"(73.2cm)

Light bulb:

Extrasmall: 15/5: E12, 5x40W Halogen, or 5x8W Energy Saving, or 5x4W LED bulb (not included)

Small: 15/6: E12, 6x40W Halogen, or 6x8W Energy Saving, or 6x4W LED bulb (not included)

Medium: 15/8: E12, 8x40W Halogen, or 8x8W Energy Saving, or 8x4W LED bulb (not included)

Large: 15/6+3: E12, 9x40W Halogen, or 9x8W Energy Saving, or 9x4W LED bulb (not included)

Extralarge: 15/8+4: E12, 12x40W Halogen, or 12x8W Energy Saving, or 12x4W LED bulb (not included)

XXLarge: 15/10+5: E12, 15x40W Halogen, or 15x8W Energy Saving, or 15x4W LED bulb (not included)

Lamp A: 15/12+6: E12, 18x40W Halogen, or 18x8W Energy Saving, or 18x4W LED bulb (not included)

Lamp B: 15/12+12: E12, 24x40W Halogen, or 24x8W Energy Saving, or 24x4W LED bulb (not included)


Crystal, Swarovski Elements, Metal

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