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Modern Home Designs by Frank Lloyd Wright

One of the most influential American architects of all time is Frank Lloyd Wright . Born in 1867, this Wisconsin native has constructed buildings throughout the U.S., Canada, Japan, England, and the Republic of Ireland. Most of Wright's home designs can be found in Illinois, as Wright received an apprenticeship in Chicago from an architectural firm shortly after he dropped out of college. Wright's architectural designs have a distinctly organic look about them, usually encompassing nature as part of their distinguished look. One of the most well-known buildings of Wright's career is the 1935 Fallingwater residence , located in Pittsburgh. A national landmark, this home is considered to be one of the most beautiful homes ever built. In addition to elaborate contemporary homes, Frank Lloyd Wright built around 60 middle-income homes called Usonian homes . These designs were similar to today's modern ranch homes; simple in design but containing many advanced features for their time, including solar heating and garages. In his final years of building and design, Wright starting working on public buildings. Some of the most notable include the SC Johnson Wax Administration Building , the Monona Terrace Civic Center and the contemporary art museum of New York City: the Guggenheim Museum . Sadly, Frank Lloyd Wright passed away in April of 1959, just six months before the Guggenheim opened its doors.

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