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About Us -

Welcome to Interior Deluxe 

We specialize in providing high-end lighting products especially designed in Europe and America. Interior Deluxe was incorporated in 2004 in Clearwater, Florida. 

Our team consists of customer service agents and electricians who are well knowledgeable in the installations associated with lightings and fixtures. Due to exceptional quality and high end designs, we have been awarded with Gold Seal by Ekomi. We don’t just provide you luxury lights from the best brands, but we are ready to perform the installation for you too. An old and outdated room can lighten up with gorgeous lights. If you are willing to invest and bring change in your home or workplace, lights are the best fixtures to start with. Choose the most suitable lights from our lighting selection and see what big of a difference it makes. It won’t just affect the look but the space too. 

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We provide accent lightings, architectural lighting, decorative lighting, and lights for residential and commercial locations. Our shipments are always insured. We understand that lights and fixtures are delicate products and customers do not want to comprise on the delivery of the final product. Hence, you can count on us to take care of the shipments and sustainability of the product. We accept multiple payment methods. The best thing is that we provide FREE international shipping. So, what are you waiting for, shop for the best lights today and decorate your place with luxury. 

Company Information

How long have you been in business and are there any reviews about your company from independent review services ?

Our company has been founded in 2004 in Clearwater in the State of Florida. Please refer below to our current review ratings by Ekomi. An independant customer review service.