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The Italian based company OTY Light represents the modern-age, Italian lighting equipments. Most of their masterpieces are created with hand-blown glass which adds an elegant illumination to any kind of indoor space. This company was initially founded by Eugenio Pamio in 1960 and was later-on passed to his two sons as a family inheritance. Andrea and Simone Pamio took over the company & continued to produce contemporary designs of residential & commercial lighting fixtures. They are divided into 2 branches namely: OTY Décor which includes a range of unique and stylishly designed lighting solutions for residential properties & OTY Tech which makes use of innovative lighting products that can be used for commercial businesses & office interiors. Their Light Company has introduced a vast range of products that offer flawless illumination for all kinds of indoor spaces. Kioto, Pop, Tim, Jek, Mida & Borg series are considered to be the most well-known and popular designs by the company so far.

The Kioto Series are specially imported from Italy and manufactured with hand-blown crystal diffusers that are enfolded with molten glass threads. All lighting equipments within this series is equipped with glossy chrome metal and high-quality halogen bulb that ensures maximum brightness at all times. The Kioto Series lighting fixtures are designed for  Light Company by Paolo Crepax and Silvio Zanon and are available as table, floor, wall & ceiling lamps

The  Mida Series Wall & Table lamps make use of brushed chrome metal that incorporates oval-shaped hand-blown white colored glass with complimenting edges. This design highlights superior texture & brilliant illumination which depicts the efficiency of talented architects like Paolo Crepax and Silvio Zanon

The  Tim Series include Ceiling lamps & Suspension lights which are a part of their décor branch but are also used commercially these days for designing commercial studios & showrooms. These lighting fixtures are constructed by incorporating recessed bulbs into high-quality metal. The  Tim Series can be availed in a wide range of black, alum, white, rust, steel & polished steel paint finish.

The Borg Series is designed by Roberto Pamio & Associates Designers Corp and includes lighting fixtures with a steel polished structure with or without a clear glass diffuser. The  Borg Series Table/wall lamps and Ceiling lights were introduced in the year 2005

The TUM Deco lighting Series is available as ceiling & wall lamps which can be placed horizontically as well as vertically. The original shade of the main structure is white, whereas its decorative plates can be availed in a variety of colors which include white, black & rust painted metal

The  Flat Series designed by Eugenio e Andrea Pamio are considered to be the the finest creations of wall lights to be manufactured by the Company and are mainly used for illuminating commercial & business settings. It displays a white painted body & Acrylic diffusers which ensure that the light is distributed equally on four sides. This lighting equipment also holds transparent glass diffusers & borders.

Their official website can be accessed for more information on a variety of additional Lighting options that have been introduced by the Company so far.