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One New Flame Pendant Light

Product No: 018259

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One New Flame Pendant Light is a marvelous pendant 'candle' that never burns down. At the upper end of a glistening circuit board, a candle seems to flicker in the wind.  Up close, you will recognize a double-sided rectangular display made of 128 LEDs (each side), which delivers the image of a burning flame. From a slight distance, the LEDs 'melt' into the image of a single flame. Sophistated programming of the LEDs and their warm color temperature make the flame look genuinely realistic. A movie of a burning flame was converted to pixel data and then coded to each individual LED to reflect the movement. The luminosity of the two displays is practically equal to a standard white candle. The silver circuitry and controllers, visible on board, create an elegant composition of mysterious and delicate embellishment.

Ingo Maurer
 Moritz Waldemeyer along with Ingo Maurer and team
Made in:

 Length: 11.8" (30 cm) x Width: .11" (.3 cm) x Height: 16.9" (43 cm)


2x 128 0.6 W LEDs, 2700K, CRI 80, 125/230V 5V. 

 Plastic, Meta
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Ingo Maurer