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Metalspot Lighting was founded in 1977 after almost 20 years of research and development to designs which were actually penned down in 1957 in Milan. Back in 1957 Spada started with its first hand made creations. The company has since continued with the basic principle of development and research with which it was started. The company has since also improved the technologies it has used to manufacture light fittings though without losing sight of manufacturing fixtures that surpass aesthetic and quality benchmarks set by the lighting industry.  

The designs of the company display a fine balance of technique quality which the company has maintained since the idea of its inception in 1957. The designs of company combined with the technologies used for production is often termed by its staff as ‘technical-decorative’. The company is still managed by the Spada family and has been moving forward into the contemporary times with a renewed vigor of contemporary yet traditional designs. The company has also taken up the green initiative to keep up with the changing times.

Hence the light fittings manufactured by the company use sustainable raw materials and are extremely energy efficient to protect the environment for future generations. The company wishes to further its research and development to create light fittings of designs that embody the past and the future for producing long lasting and timeless light fixtures.

The company employs top designers like Satoshi Asami, Leo De Carlo, Claudio Zappone and Marko MAcura amongst many others which also include members of the illustrious Spada family like Marco Spada and Orazio Spada. The company hence boasts of an impressive portfolio of suspension lights, table lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers and pendant lights. The company manufactures matching families of lights. The award winning collections like the Arizona is a matching family of suspension lights, table lamps, floor lamps and pendant lights.

The company to promote its designs and products regularly features in the top fairs and festivals of the lighting industry. The company latest presence was in the Euroluce 2011 where the company showcased not only its award winning fittings but also provided an exclusive sneak peek into the designs it has in its mind for the future. The company also showcased latest designs with which it plans to make the fittings more energy efficient and environment friendly by using LED bulbs.

The company also wishes to use more sustainable raw materials while reducing the thickness and flowing lines in the designs to create timeless light fittings. The light fittings of the company can be found in the famous luxury commercial establishments across the globe from top hotels and restaurants to corporate offices.

Though the company’s main office is located in Milan, Italy the company distributes and sells its light fittings across many countries through a close network of representatives. Customers are hence required to get in touch with the representatives of their country to place orders or order customized products.

For the last almost five decades Metalspot Lighting has created a niche for itself in the lighting industry by setting its own standards of quality and beauty.