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The Italian company Marchetti Lighting or Illuminazione has been in business in the lighting industry for the last forty years. The company located in Italy has always remained loyal to its Italian roots of quality and elegance which reflect in the lighting fixtures manufactured by the company. The company has built its reputation over the last forty years on the basis of its impeccable quality standards and manufacturing processes. The company has always believed in handcrafting most of its lighting fixtures and has hence valued manual craftsmanship more than the mechanized manufacturing processes.

Despite retaining its traditional roots the lighting fixtures manufactured by the company have embraced the changing times with efficient raw material usage, new technology for designing and a continuous evolution to herald in the 21st Century’s tastes. The company has hence paid attention to every small detail to include innovative materials, designs and techniques. The resulting light fittings are hence beyond the fashion trends and are timeless to provide elegance and style to every home.

The company strives to update its manufacturing process regularly while encouraging its customers to be more forthcoming and provide their own ideas of designs and customizations. The company prides itself in being challenged at every step of the designing process by its customers and then providing light fittings that surpass every expectation of the customer. The company’s constant endeavor has been to understand the 360° aspects of light to produce fittings that not only enhance beauty of the establishment but also improve the lives of its customers.

The company’s light fittings portfolio consists of Novita 2012, Fusion, Luxury and Romantic. The Medusa has been one of the most popular pieces of the Romantic collection. The Medusa is a sinuous spread of a body consisting of glass cones that provide stunning illumination effects. The light fitting is available in aluminum and antiqued gold finish. The glass castings of the Medusa are also available in satin blue, white and red.

 The One Dream light fitting in the Luxury collection is another classic example of the stunning pieces created by the company. The light fitting creates an effect of cascading illumination and crystals. It is an extremely versatile light fitting which can be fitted in infinite compositions. The unique methacrylate structure of this light fitting allows it to be fixed in different lengths, sequences and types of lights.

The Essentia from the Novita 2012 collection has taken the simple wrapping lines and transformed it into an elegant piece of lighting. The crystal studded light piece has no interruptions in its defining lines. The crystals are available in red, crystal or black colors from Swarovski and Spectra. The metal part comprising the lighting source is available in the colors of silver, gold or white.

The company has paid great attention to the changing times and the increasing demands of customizations from its customers. The company is popular because of the stunning designs they offer in indoor, outdoor and architectural lighting. With a strong market presence the Marchetti Lighting has an innovative way of reviving the classic styles with a modern touch.