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The brilliance of this italian brand is its decorative and designing aspects that have been blended to perfection with its performance and reliability. A wide range of lighting products are available with Lucitalia which provide a highly modest look and feel whether it is the wall mounted uplights you use or the compact fluorescent lamps that highlight your living rooms.

The best of Lucitalia lightings:

  • Larossa: These are classic lamps which are provided with aluminum reflector heads made up of high thermo-mechanical performance plastic resins. It generates asymmetric distribution of light.

  • Stresa Flat: These are effective lamps which generate diffused lighting. The diffuser is made up of pressed transparent or at times of sandblast glass. It is provided with aluminum reflector heads supported with arms made up of techno-polymer.

  • IXUL: It is manufactured with various finishing designs, allowing the customers to choose based on their interest and opinions. These lighting fixtures possess inclined diffusers made of blown glass. It has been manufactured to form a swivel joint based fitting.

  • Ketamina: This ceiling light is immensely powerful and is artistically designed with lacquered metal. It is possessed with the well balancing device which is hidden from the human eye. The diffuser is efficient in generating indirect distribution of light. Further, it is also enabled with a double circuit switching.

  • Adam Soffitto: These are structured in the form of suspension lamps hanging out from the ceiling. It is made up using extruded aluminum.

  • Hotel: These are complete metallic light fittings. It is capable of granting both direct as well as indirect light distributions.

  • Zerotonda: This suspension lighting fixture has a die-casted body with hidden balancing devices. It has a custom made design featuring blue LED options with individual switching.

  • Pragma: These die-cast aluminum body lamps comprise of diffusers which are partly transparent and partly opaque. Its body is manufactured to grant a polycarbonate shade enabled structure.

  • Abadessa: This light fitting is provided with acid-etched opaque as well as transparent blown glass diffusers. Accurate glass alignment is enabled through the support of the die-cast aluminum.

  • Olla: This lighting fixture provides a diffusing effect. The diffuser present is a blown acid-etched opaque glass.

  • Kandido: These are low voltage lamps provided with two leveled intensity switches. A strong base is enabled with transformer telescopic antennas which provide swiveling across all directions.

  • Adam: These are spot lights available as totally recessed or regressed. They are manufactured to be used as either swiveling or as fixed ones. In house reflector quality can further be adjusted.

  • Kridue: Recessed spots available in fixed structure, consuming less energy. These are considered to be the best low voltage range of spots. It has a die-casted aluminum body.Lucitalia promises to bring out the best of architectural range of lighting products for commercial as well as residential usage. Matches up to all occasions of life, whether you are holding a party or a professional gathering, their lighting fixtures soothes up the environment transforming the mood of every individual in its presence.