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The lighting fixtures of the company Lucelab are manufactured under the strictest manufacturing guidelines to maintain the impeccable German quality and standards. The fixtures are also manufactured from the finest and high quality premium metals which are strong, durable and add to the aesthetic appeal of any décor.

Most of the lighting fixtures manufactured by the company can be customized to suit the varying needs of customers. The customers can choose from a variety of sizes, colors and materials. The company provides options of Aluminum, Nickel and Brass to choose from for its fleXXXibile Drop Lamps. This lamp though measures 23 cm when un-extended can be extended to a length of 120 cm to provide illumination in bigger spaces.

The light fixture is ideal for lighting up your living room by fixing it to the ceiling. The light fixture can also be used in the foyer to initiate the contemporary feel of the house from the main entrance. It can also be used over the dining table or kitchen island. The drop lamp will be ideal for kitchen use where you might need illumination in areas just below hanging cabinets. So now all you have to do is pull out the light and your kitchen is brightly illuminated.

The drops lamps are available in three different sizes after extension hence you no longer have to worry about too many lighting fixtures for bigger rooms. One lighting fixture is all that you need.

The eCCCo Drop Lamps in the portfolio of the company are also manufactured keeping in mind the same guidelines of quality and beauty. This lighting fixture is extendable and can be swilled in many directions to illuminate those unreachable dark corners in the room. This lighting fixture can be conveniently used in any work station. It can be used effectively in offices and residences. Individuals who work in areas like designing and architecture find this light fixture extremely convenient since they can adjust it to their work needs.

In your residence you can fix it over your favorite arm chair to sit in comfort and relax while reading your favorite book or magazine. The light fixture is made of a lattice grate which makes the light focus on one area. This wall mounted lamp is available in the choices of satin white and two sizes.

Lucelab Lighting has built up its reputation due to its innovative designs and impeccable quality. The company now is spreading worldwide through a close network of specialist retail outlets.Lucelab Lighting is latest company from Germany making its mark in the lighting industry. The company is committed to maintaining the German traditions of quality and beauty. The lighting fixtures manufactured by the company surpass the quality benchmarks set by the stalwarts in the industry. The simplicity, elegance and contemporary designs of the lighting fixtures have captured the attention of customers and critics all over the world. The lighting fixtures manufactured by the company are extendible to illuminate a room or table of any size. The innovative extendable design is what makes the fixtures stand out among its rivals.