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A look at Less 'N More lighting fittings:  Based in Germany Less ’N More lightings are powerful designers and creators of state of the art LED technology. This fine manufacturer possesses strong patents on its creations such as the one for its athene and zeus luminaires. This strong aluminium luminaire allows its lighting beam to be adjusted at various angles up to a maximum of 100 degrees with the minimum being that of 25 degrees. The light illuminates the room with effective as well as soothing light emissions. These lighting fixtures are available in variety of color combinations to fit in perfectly as the decorative symbol which highlights your home and its interior decoration.

Products at Less ’N More:

  • LED Ceiling Lights: This category comprises of products such as the athene and zeus LED ceiling lights. These are focusable lamp heads which are capable of being mounted at luminaire tracks. These are built of massive aluminium and have a coating of flexible shaft. These are available in various colors such as red, white, brown, black, green and light blue.

  • Wall lights: Athene and zeus LED wall lights can also be used as ceiling lights due to the presence of the specialized and powerful aluminium built focusable lamp heads. Athene LED wood wall lights also exist which are provided with height and gradient adjustable features. The zeus LED lights have flexible shafts with push button switches to ease out its functionality.

  • Spot lights: It also comprises of LED ceiling spot lights which are designed to grant an ultra lavish look to it. Its body is usually made up of oiled oak or porcelain. These are provided with additional dimmers as well as external power supplies. The athene LED floor spot light has transparent silicone lead or checked fabric covered leads. The porcelain made ceiling spot lights have focusable lamp heads made of high grade steel.

  • Table lights: The specially designed table lamps possess flexible shafts made of high grade steel with the feature of manual control switch for its operation.

  • LED recessed light: The zeus LED recessed light is one of the most powerful product under this category. It possesses a coating of selectable flexible shaft with a ring in barrel finishing. It is provided with a rocker switch to serve as an added advantage. It is supported with recessed holes.This lighting fixture manufacturing company stands by its tagline which states that ‘less means more’ – an attitude which blends the simplicity of artistry designs with the sophisticated features of high quality lighting supplies. Developers and designers work towards achieving quality lighting products that are designed with the approach of bringing out custom made aspects that truly fit the daily necessities and requirements of the customers. Ultimate visual pleasing fixtures are created with the incorporation of top quality and modernized lighting technologies. The prime goal is the achievements of products that are perfect in terms of sustainability as well the accurate functionality.