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Karboxx lighting - a new era in the sector of lighting.

A new dimension in the field of lighting technology has been brought about with the emergence of Karboxx lighting. Interior lighting has been brought under focus with the powerful outcomes. With the accumulation of strong projects to work on, we have emerged as one of the pioneers in the lighting sector. It works by combining the technologies of carbon fibre, refined fibre glass, etc, thus imbibing the qualities of mechanics into the beauties of architecture. Light has been subjected to being emitted in variety of ways and looks.

The unused technology which has made the effectiveness of light even more powerful has been brought into ligh.. Chromotherapy has never been used by others in the illumination market till date, but this fine brand took the leap and has been successful ever since its production started in Italy. The working strategy of developers has been to combine the best designs with hi-tech techniques after a thorough research and study, thus granting their products with the ultimate value for quality and artistry.

A wide range of innovative products are available - desk, table, floor lamps, hanging and fixed lights as well as other complementary lightings.

Karboxx lighting goes strong:

Our lighting was founded way back in 2005, and since then it has gained immense popularity in the sector of designer lighting products.  Designers such as Enrico Franzolini, Vicente García Jimenez, Brian Rasmussen, Serena Papait and Fabio Flora have worked towards developing innovative creations which blend technology and elegance to the extreme level. The color therapy that this brand has been working on has opened up doors for creations of unimaginable designs with respect to its lighting fixtures. The designs of each products are exclusive and unique in its own way giving fascinating impression to all its users. Usage of carbon fibre has changed the way these lightings are perceived by the customers. It resembles to be highly energetic, powerful, ambient, elegant and above all simple yet sophisticated and quite affordable too.

Power of lighting

Their products have been powerfully designed to be compatible with all kinds of energy saving fluorescent and led bulbs. A look at few of the most highlighted their lighting products are as follows:

  • Afra: These are exclusive floor lamps capable of providing high quality diffusers. The diffusers are made up of acid-etched hand blown glass. Available in white, grey and amber colors, this lamp can serve to be an extremely decorative piece for your home. The base of Afra is aluminum painted with light grey.

  • Shadow Wall: It is a lamp well mounted on the wall. It is available in white painted metal and also in brushed nickel. It is provided with a flexible adjustable screen to support it efficiently.

  • Half Moon: There are a series of Half moon products ranging from lamps, to wall lights, to ceiling and suspension fittings. Usually available in carbon fibre with multiple colored interiors to highlight its powerful features.