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Heibi has a collection of lighting that suits the structural as well as design needs of every room in your house. Whether you want to give a lavish touch to your living room, bedroom or just the hallway, simply choosing from the widest collection of sophisticated and architecturally beautiful lights can fulfill your desire.  Their lighting serves the lighting purposes both for home as well as office requirements. Your kitchen, bathrooms, dining rooms, etc will no longer require to compromise on an ordinary lighting feature just because elegant lights are not too affordable.

Their lighting has changed the perception of finding several ways of decorating your home, when you can just do it with the choice of graceful and affordable range of lighting products. You name it and its there, ceiling lights, wall sconces, contemporary chandeliers, table and floor lamps, pendant lights, spot lights, LED lights, outdoor lights, etc.

Few of the amazing Lighting products:

  • Kumba outdoor wall sconce: Kumba outdoor wall sconce is one of the best Heibi product made in Germany. It has an excellent brushing of stainless steel finish and the diffuser blown glass has been sandblasted. An even light is emitted in all directions. It is highly durable and is provided with a ten year warranty against the occurrence of rust.

  • Citos LED wall sconce:  It has an acrylic glass supported with stainless steel finished body. With the consumption of extremely less energy, the Citos LED wall sconce is capable of generating powerful light much like a high powered bulb. This is so because it is comprised of three LED modules within it. The focus of light is usually across the frontal region. This wall sconce is best suited for places where there is a requirement of non stop constant lighting with the consumption of super less energy.

  • Speed outdoor wall sconce: It has an opaline glass with a brushed stainless steel finish. Light gets evenly distributed around the wall sconce. This too is provided with a ten year warranty against the occurrence of rust.

  • Lita outdoor wall sconce: This is another highly efficient product which focuses on even light distribution. This wall sconce is made up of stainless steel and is efficiently durable and reliable and thus lasts very long.  They are a German company focusing on the production and manufacturing of high quality and pioneering lighting products. They have their own production units in Germany which manufactures wide variety of innovative lighting models every year and has hence obtained a large satisfied group of consumers. Established, almost seventy years back, since then they been following a traditional approach towards the designing and development of each of its products.  Their lighting products is a well mixed combined effort to display modernity with the touch of powerful craftsmanship. The materials used for the production of the lightings are selected after thorough research and testing so as to ensure that they are immensely durable and reliable and give long term services to their customers.