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Fast Delivery

You can be sure that when you order from Interior Deluxe, you will receive the fastest shipping possible for your lamp. Many of the brands we carry have warehouses here in the USA, which drastically cuts down on shipping time.

There are a few exceptions to this of course. We carry many high-end luxury brands and sometimes, it is necessary to wait a bit longer than normally expected because some products are custom and hand-made to order. But as you know, all good things are worth the wait!

July and August orders: Another important aspect to note is brands based in Italy or Spain are always closed for the month of August. Always. If we have a product made in one of these two countries in stock, then there is no setback in wait time. It is best to communicate with our customer service staff who will let you  know a fair estimate of the expected shipping time for your product around this time of the year.

We take pride in our business and  please be sure that we do all we can to ensure the quickest shipping times possible.