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Dix Heures Dix

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Dix Heures Dix - Lighting from France


In 1991, Dix Heures Dix was founded with a single goal in mind, to deliver upscale lighting innovations that offer both industrial, and artistic features. Every decision that the company makes is rooted in the idea that light is sacred and spectacular, and deserves to be treated as such. As the style of the company changes throughout the years, they have never lost focus on the idea that light is marvelous and worthy of making beautiful.

The designs of lighting fixtures that come from Dix Heures Dix are extremely modern, innovative works of art. However, these masterpieces did not simply spring from the minds of their creators. For example, the inspiration behind the curves and ridges in the Maria and Joseph collections can easily be traced to nature, while the sharp, striking lines of the Couleurs and Néo collections bear the most resemblance to contemporary architecture. In addition to these two examples, other collections from the company gather their inspiration from a variety of sources such as works of art, fashion, and even the human form. The melding of these shapes and ideas that are otherwise alien to the world of lighting seek to bring something familiar and unique to an often bland and consistent market.

Behind each new design and product, there is a team at Dix Heures Dix that worked tirelessly to make it happen. The founder and leader of the design team at Dix Heures Dix is Fabrice Berrux. Fabrice graduated from the National Arts School in Dijon in 1986 and went on to become an interior architect soon after, launching his own company called 18 AOUT. Fabrice’s philosophy regarding 18 AUOT was to use his art skills to produce simple, but beautiful, objects for the home. These designs led him to win several honors and awards and enlarged his vision, which led to the establishment of Dix Heures Dix in 1991.

This relationship between art and lighting is a reoccurring theme when it comes to Dix Heures Dix. The other two designers, Catherine Grandidier and Ludovic Roth have both extensively studied art in various forms and used that knowledge to help create stunning designs. Each of the three designers brings their unique backgrounds and experience to the table, and each contributes to the company’s goal, which is to diffuse beautiful light.

While the company does have dozens of collections, a few stand out as more noteworthy than the rest. The Colonne and Nature collections are both extraordinary pieces of lighting equipment that have not gone unnoticed by critics and the public alike. Colonne is a floor lamp covered in a ribbon that elegantly radiates light into a room. The significant feature in this line is the fact that the lamp is produced in multiple forms, including a LED lamp that can switch colors effortlessly and seamlessly.

The Nature collection is a floor lamp similar to the Colonne, but different in the fact that the lamp consists of a painted steel structure covered in white stretch textile. This lamp has more defined lines and leans toward a bold industrial look with its sharp edges and rigid boundaries. This lamp also has a LED version that can change hue at any time or in any circumstance.

Nature and Colonne collections are only two examples of the innovative work coming from Dix Heures Dix. The ingenious team behind the company is changing the way lighting is perceived, and bringing art to a whole new medium. As the company expands further, it is certain that Dix Heures Dix will continue to challenge what is possible with light in each new fixture they make.


Dix Heures Dix is a fine lighting company based in France , in the region Nantes in West France.  DIX HEURES DIX was established in 1991 and has been producing light fittings of high quality and aesthetic beauty ever since. The company works in collaboration with designers and design studios from across the world to create these stunning designs. The designers of the company have taken the basic functionality of light fittings to provide illumination and transformed them into light fittings that add comfort and elegance to lives of the customers. The designers of the company draw inspiration from the different cultures and natural habitats around them.

The designers are also themselves from different backgrounds and cultures which add to vast variety of light fittings that the company produces. The designing department of the company is headed by Fabrice Berrux and Catherine Grandidier.  The company released its first collection in 1994 at the Via Paris and since then there has been no looking back. The two designers also teach at various design schools and also believe in employing fresh talents straight out of the schools to provide refreshing designs that appeal to the audiences worldwide.

The company also regularly researches and develops new materials for the production of the light fittings. The manufacturing processes of the company are also regularly updated to keep up with the changing times and to be able to accommodate the last minute customizations of the customers. Hence the light fittings produced by the company are compliant with technical and environmental standards of most markets worldwide.

The company has an impressive portfolio of table lamps, floor lamps, suspension lights, wall mounted lights and ceiling lights. The company has also created a niche for itself by producing high quality and exquisite streetlights which is an often neglected sector in terms of beauty losing out due to functionality. The Meteorites collection is one of the most famous collections of the company. True to its name the company also saw a meteoric rise after the release of this collection.

This collection consists of suspension lights which are available in four color options of ivory, white, red and black. Customers can however request customizations of color or size to suit the décor of their establishments. The customers can also choose from options of clusters of lamps. The company offers the same lamps as cluster of two and three to provide more drama and illumination. This collection is designed by Fabrice Berrux and is completely handcrafted. The lamps are made from satin fabric to give the lamps a luxurious feel.

The Joseph collection designed by Ludovic Roth is another popular collection of the company. The lamps of this collection are available in three options of charcoal, cold charcoal and grey colors. This collection is a family of matching lights consisting of table lamps, floor lamps, suspension lights and ceiling lights. The suspension lights of this collection are available in a fourth color option of white.