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Diesel Lighting today has an international reputation and presence in over 50 countries and 2500 locations. Certified as the leading brand of high quality and exquisite light fittings since 1996 the company has only expanded and increased its customer base with ever quarter and collection of light fittings it has released. The company was established on the basic principle of researching and developing new materials that helped produce light fittings that were beyond and previously set benchmark of beauty and quality in the lighting industry.

The company for this reason partners with top designers and design studios across the world to produce designs that have been inspired by the different cultures and backgrounds that the designers originate from. The designers also create light fittings that are of timeless beauty and add comfort to the lives of the customers. The company has always endeavored to think beyond the status quo and hence has transformed light fittings from ordinary illuminating devices into an integral part of the décor of the establishment.

The company also regularly upgrades its manufacturing processes to keep up with the changing and evolving times and also so that they can accommodate the changing requests for customizations from customers. The manufacturing processes of the company also regularly are subjected to stringent quality checks so that the light fittings produced are of uniform and high quality.

The company has an impressive portfolio of lighting solutions ranging from table lamps, floor lamps, suspension lights, wall mounted lights and ceiling lights. The Birdie collection of the company has been till date one of the most popular collections of the company. Designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba this collection has featured on catalogues of the company since it was released. The company offers the lamps in colors of Bianco, Grigio, Arancio and Amaranto. The lamps shades are made of glass which can be textured according to the desires of customers. These lamp shades are attached to highly polished metal stands which have a design of branches on a tree with a small stem protruding from the middle. The lamps of this collection come with dimmer switches to provide the right amount of illumination required. The collection consists of table lamps and floor lamps.

The Caboche collection is a family of matching lights consisting of table lamps, floor lamps and suspension lights. The lamps of this collection are inspired by the patterns on a beehive. The designers have given the natural patterns a modern twist and transformed it into a popular collection.

The lamp shades are made of blown glass and are available in transparent colors or in the shade of gold. Customers can also order for customized patterns on the lamp shades. The design of the lamps guarantee ample amounts of illumination without the formation of shadows or glares. The company regularly features in the top events of the lighting industry across the world to showcase its upcoming collection always to appreciative audiences.

Diesel Lighting is sure to rise to the top and retain its position with its unique and exclusive collections.