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Designer lighting is expensive, and it 's hard to know if you are getting a high-end fixture from a respected designer or buying into a high-priced trend. Buying the wrong lighting fixture can be especially devastating if you are looking to stand out from the crowd and end up spending a fortune for nothing. However, if you want to get the edge on the latest in designer lighting, keep reading.


We carry more than 150 designer lighting companies. Browse our selection of more than 15.000 designer lighting fixtures and see the work of the world's most renown lighting designers. Call us today at 1-866-477-1345 if you have any questions. 

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What is considered designer lighting?

In America, it is common to see credits listed for a light designer in television shows that include concert performances, but this differs from designer lighting makers. Regardless, in both cases, lighting designers are creating spectacular displays by doing things in a unique way. For example, when you want designer lighting for your home or business, you might want the lighting fixture, bulb, and attachment cover to create a dramatic light display. On the other hand, designer lighting can involve smart home features that you control with an app on your smartphone. One other example of designer lighting is a fixture that was created with artistic qualities or luxury elegance in mind.
How modern lighting fixtures are designed

Although most lighting fixtures have the same electrical or fire code standards, there are subtle differences that make one lamp a cheap knock-off found at a big box store and the type of luxury chandeliers that are apparently made from high-quality materials. One important detail to understand is that high-end light fixtures will cost a lot of money because they are made from materials that are meant to stand the test of time. On top of this, these luxury lighting designs are often made in limited editions to ensure buyers have a chance to use them as an investment. Finally, designers take the time to create lighting fixtures that will absolutely stun onlookers as opposed to being a generic lamp that only serves the purpose of illuminating a room.

Some of the most important lighting designers

Are you curious about a list of names for the top light designers in the world to help you make a future purchase? When you are browsing online, there are a few names you should remember. These will give you a guidepost about which designs for lighting are worth your time, but also the investment opportunity they represent. After all, many noteworthy designers find that their artistic work increases in value over time because it gets reclassified as a period piece or an antique.  

Written below, we have created a brief list of prominent lighting designers we trust for quality, durability and staying on top of the trends.

Enzo Catellani - In modern designs with Catellani and Smith, he is often noted for his use of small LED lights woven into a glass globe to become pendant lights that have a light-diffusing, beach glass finish.

Mark Sadler - You will see this name associated with the Foscarini line of lighting fixtures, and his designs have won multiple awards. The style Sadler is noted for subtle elegance and also has a line that includes overhead lights with abstract cutaways on fabric lighting shades that are sculptures in and of themselves.

Karim Rashid - Striking, freestanding lighting is at the center of many of Rashid’s line for Artemide. Although the look is contemporary, these interior design elements have the type of chic you will find in luxury homes.

Ross Lovegrove - Currently designing for Artemide, Lovegrove has a signature style that takes lighting fixtures in the direction of water bubbles. The styles he creates for ceilings or freestanding lighting fixtures are signature artwork that brings a new dimension to drab interior corners.

Philippe Starck - Working as a designer for Flos, Starck brings humor to lighting fixtures that include AK-47 machine guns to dandy hat lampshades. He also makes a rare type of classic desk lamp that includes tailoring that distinguishes them as luxury items.

Achille Castiglioni - Abstract Expressionism in the form of a lampshade is one way to describe the contemporary classics that Castiglioni brings to his current Flos collection. Other styles he offers are subtle decorative pendant lights to suspension lights that create a futuristic, Space Age edge.
Jasper Morrison - With the recent Flos collection, Morrison is placing a serious focus on high-quality materials to make lighting fixtures that fit in everywhere. One unique feature that puts his glowing balls of light in the luxury category is their large-scale size.

Patricia Urquiola - For subtle glamor with sturdy lampshades, Urquiola’s recent Flos lighting designs are like hanging wedding cakes. Although they may seem like typical pendant lights, one flip of the switch reveals artistic applications of chemical photo-etching on the stainless steel body of the lampshade that produces a light diffuser.

Who are the top designer lighting companies?

Are you attempting to recreate a look with a high-end feel, but cannot find these classic interior design elements? Although many of the top designers have a particular group of lighting company brands they work with, other companies have timeless designs made from luxury materials. After all, there is an extensive list of classics in the lighting world, and many of the brands below have the favorites you have been looking for.
More about us and our luxury light fixture business

Whether you are a contractor, interior designer, homeowner, business owner, architect or electrician, we are here to help you find the high-end lighting designs you need. We have decades in the business of luxury lighting, and we are always ahead of the trends because we buy heavily from award-winning lighting designers. To find out more about what we have to offer , please give us a call today. If you are looking for a hanging light or lamp for indoors, outdoors, in a home or business, take a look at our updated catalog.