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4th of July Sale - Savings up to 50% OFF! Shop Now »


ZERO Lighting

Zero lighting from Stockholm - Sweden is a Scandinavian company which was set up in 1978 and is a family business. They started their business with lampshades from sheet metal and for the first ten years they made various shapes and sizes of lampshades from perforated sheet metal. Later on they moved to glassworks.

The company manufactures and sells eye-catching lighting fittings suited for different spaces. They use the latest technology along with most innovative designs to manufacture their fittings. They believe in creating new designs. Their designs are very unique as they are made from the top designers of Scandinavia. Their designs have the right blend of style and technology. Börge Lindau, is the first designer who worked with them. Later on Thomas Bernstrand, Mattias Ståhlbom, Fredrik MattsonMia Gammelgaard, Jens Fager, Monica Förster joined the wagon.

Uniqueness with their lighting Sweden is that it keeps its design studio close to the supplier’s office so that there is no lag in the supply chain and it ensures a timely delivery. Also it facilitates last moment changes in the design, if any. There are a host of products available with Zero Sweden lighting. The designs are very sleek and elegant suiting various moods. They range from pendants to wall fixtures, floor lamps to table lamps and lighting solution for indoor to outdoor. Pendants are basically hanging lightings which are used as accent pieces for bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms or gallery. Chandeliers are designed taking cues from contemporary to neo-traditional styles.

Wall sconces are fixtures used for both lighting as well as decorative purpose. The usage for these lighting varies from one style line to the other. For instance lights used for outdoor need weatherproof casings which are much robust than the indoor modern lighting. So they are custom made according to the requirement. Since their lighting offers a great width and depth in their range, it becomes very pertinent that the consumers know what exactly will solve their problem for lighting. Here area few tips which will definitely help in narrowing down the choice for particular product.

Apart from the style and the look of the lighting fitting, care should be taken to look for the power consumption by particular fitting. In general, a bigger fitting consumes more power than a smaller fitting. Though there are a few lightings also which appear big but consumes less electricity. Consumers must gain product information before selecting one. They offer an irresistible range of designs. The one with lots of accessories attached are more expensive than the one with little or no accessories. So looking at ones budget, consumer should buy.

Also the size of the fitting should be in proportionate to the size of the room. A disproportionately huge lighting fitting in a small room looks very odd and destroys the taste of the area. The color of the lighting fitting is also an important parameter for decorating one’s home. It should compliment the color of walls. Summing up, their lighting is a vanguard brand of lighting available in the market.