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VONN Lighting Q&A

As you explore VONN Lighting, you’ll see that they offer lighting solutions for home and business that are distinctive, environmentally responsible, of the very highest quality and just a few days from your doorstep.

What’s the story behind Vonn Lighting?

Their passion for excellent lighting design and manufacturing is what drives VONN design. It is expressed in their values that include:

Creative, highly functional LED lighting:

VONN was an early adopter of LED lighting technology, and they’ve been an industry leader ever since. Browse lines like Capella, Atria Duo and Salm to see how they are raising the bar for LED lighting that uses superior technologies with exceptional design and utility.

The pursuit of perfection: 

When designing lighting, the process pushes past extraordinary toward the ideal of beauty and precision that is second to none.

Where was VONN Lighting founded?

Their company was founded and has its corporate headquarters in Long Island City, New York.

How fast will products ship from VONN Lighting?

We stock all VONN products, and they ship within 1-2 business days.

What can you tell me about LED technology?

The abbreviation LED stands for “light-emitting diode.” This diode is a semiconductor that emits light when an electric current passes through it. One major reason for the shift to LED lighting is that it uses about 10 percent of the energy consumed by standard lights, so this makes it a cost-saving choice that is also good for the environment.

LED lighting is also extremely durable, lasting for as long as 50,000 hours, which is many times longer than traditional bulbs. These features dramatically reduce maintenance and replacement costs.

This energy-efficient light source is ideal for residential and commercial lighting because it is lightweight and compact. This means that VONN lighting designers are unhindered by a need to create fixtures to support large, unsightly bulbs and ballasts. They are freed instead to devote their creative energy to producing fixtures that artfully combine intriguing aesthetics, premium quality, and innovative utility. The result is lithe and elegant lighting that is also affordable, so there’s never been a better time to update the lighting in your home or commercial space.

Tell me a bit more about VONN Lighting’s warranty.

They produce some of the finest lighting products in the world, and so it only makes sense to stand behind them with an industry-best warranty that gives you complete peace of mind.

They proudly cover all of their products with the VONN Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Complete details are available on their Warranty Page which states, “VONN warrants that our products are delivered in new condition, original packaging, free of defects in manufacturing, materials, and workmanship.”

Here is a summary of the coverage:

    • The warranty is extended to the original end-use purchaser with proof of purchase.

    • The warranty covers all VONN fixtures, electrical parts, and components

    • Light bulbs are not covered under the warranty. Among the other issues not covered are defects resulting from misused or mishandled products, improper maintenance and incorrect installation including being connected to the wrong voltage supply. VONN is also not responsible for damage to lighting that is beyond their control, events such as fire, flood, power surges and any alteration of the light.
    • To obtain the coverage offered in their Lifetime Limited Warranty, they recommend that you register their VONN product immediately upon receiving it. Instead of proper registration, you should maintain your original purchase order number for use when contacting VONN Customer Care at 1-888-604-VONN.

They will reply promptly to any warranty issue you may have with a process that includes gathering information, making a diagnosis of the problem and resolving it quickly. This might include sending replacement parts or an entire replacement unit. Our goal is always the 100 percent satisfaction of our valued customers, and we work with VONN to achieve it.

What are their most popular products and can you tell me a bit more about them?

While all of their product lines have been enthusiastically embraced, there are four that stand out as being favorites among their diverse customer base.

Tania: This collection is redefining the modern chandelier. Big, bulky design that characterized the lights of yesterday is replaced with lithe, understated elegance that coaxes attention without being obtrusive.

Tania chandeliers by VONN are available in a range of singles, two- and three-tier LED models to provide the look and utility you desire. Circular lighting components provide the steady, bright light that is ideal for a kitchen table or island but just as welcomed above a conference table or showroom display. Innovative suspension where used is singularly good-looking and very easy to adjust to “just right” height in every application.

The Tania Collection features:

    • Modern styling

    • Black, sand white and satin nickel finishes

    • Integrated LED lighting
    • Full dimming in increments of 0.1 percent
    • Soft-white, high-output lighting
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty
    • Their industry-leading technologies:
    • V optics™ diffusers with prismatic lenses,
    • Continue™ drivers for optimum diode support and PearlPure ™ diode arrays for brilliant white light.

Atria Duo: They created the Atria Duo collection to complement the clean, squared lines found in today’s contemporary homes and offices. Atria Duo chandeliers feature two tiers of bright LED lighting in smooth, crisp form. Atria Duo has been celebrated and emulated by designers throughout the world for its distinctive form and dependable function.

These thoroughly modern chandeliers are finished in white, black and satin nickel finishes to give you options to match your design scheme in residential or commercial space. Each unit is crafted with their leading-edge LED technologies.

    • PearlPure ™ diode arrays emit brilliant white light with premium color rendering.

    • Continue ™ drivers enhance the durability and dependability of LED lights.

    • Their V optics™ prismatic lenses diffuse light evenly over a wide angle.

When you select Atria Duo lighting, the advantages are many. They include on-board LED lighting integrated into each fixture, a suspension that adjusts easily and stays where you put it, full dimming capabilities, bright output and eco-friendly efficiency that cuts operating costs.

Capella: Boasting richly artistic design, the Capella Collection from VONN might be the most innovative lighting you’ve ever enjoyed. Their design artisans looked to the night sky for inspiration before crafting this unique LED lighting series. Capella designs range from vertical and horizontal ring configurations to compelling globe and flower-petal forms that exude charisma.

Sleek LED lighting strips are skillfully integrated into models finished in either deep black or warm satin nickel. Full dimming from 100 percent to just 0.1 percent gives you the flexibility to create the right environment for all of life’s moments. Capella LED lighting boasts all of VONN’s industry-best technology – Voptics ™ prismatic lens diffusers, Continuu ™ diode-enhancing drivers and PearlPure ™ bright diode arrays with high color rendering.

Salm: This collection of disc-shaped chandeliers delivers a sense of union, completeness, and well-being to any setting. This is one reason they are a popular choice for installation above the table where family and friends gather to share a meal as well as their lives. Salm modern chandeliers are also chosen for commercial applications where an expression of those values is desired.

They employ all of their best design features in the Salm collection including V optics ™ prismatic diffusers, brilliant PearlPure ™ diode arrays and Continuu ™ drivers for diode durability. The lights are fully dimmable to give you the proper lighting for the purpose at hand. Each fixture is backed by VONN’s Limited Lifetime warranty protection for as long as you own your home.