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Vibia Lighting

One look at the collection of Vibia lighting and you will be impressed with the company in that one glance. If you read further about them or the inventions and innovations they work towards completing, you will be floored and once you have seen their lighting designs and fixtures, you will not want to look at any other options in the market. That is the kind of charm their products leave on its customers in everything that they read, see and hear about the company. When it comes to beautiful homes, every individual wants to give their space a character. They want their homes to be identified with their names and tastes. 

This is why most people take so many efforts to get the interiors done in the best possible way. One of the most integral part for any interior or even a basic home which is not done up is the lighting. While lights are required in every room and every corner of the house, if they are arranged aesthetically and with a little planning, they can definitely double up as décor items. In fact the fixtures those are available these days are elaborate and stylish enough that you will not need any kind of décor if these are placed properly and with some thought.

One of the classiest and the most stylish lighting fixtures that you may have ever seen before is the Link which is nicknamed the Architecture on the Ceiling by designer Ramon Esteve. The name architecture on the ceiling suits the designs perfectly as it resembles a few blocks or buildings that are fixed inverted from the ceiling and close knit to each other like in the city. The first time you take a look, you may feel that the massive structure is not meant for a small space or home. But you are highly mistaken.

They have designed this light or the links in such a way that you can order the kind of height and the number of links you want to place on your ceiling. So you could choose from 3, 4, 6 or 8 link boxes to be used as the fixtures and to create a unique design on your ceiling. These light fixtures are available in two colors namely the Charcoal grey and the matte white lacquer. Hence you can match it up with any kind of décor. These are ideal for your kitchen spaces, dining room and even lounges or living rooms.

The Link from Vibia lighting has a special feature where you can adjust the brightness of all the lights. Hence when you want a brightly illuminated home, you can keep it to maximum and if you want to create a cozy ambience with dim lights you could reduce the intensity of light. Also the way these link fixtures are placed in a pattern ensures that every corner of the room is lit up unlike other lights in the category which focus on just a particular corner or wall they are placed on. Thus if you want energy efficient lightings to create an identity for your home or space then this fine lighting company is the best choice.