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VetriLamp Murano Lighting

Lights have always illuminated lives for ages. One cannot ever imagine life without lights and hence from time to time there has been a constant modification in the type of lights that are manufactured. Vetrilamp lighting is one such company that has been is business since 1988 and has been evolving new designs through so many decades. Like every company, they too started with manufacturing of simple lamps but today have carved a niche for themselves in the industry. They have always concentrated on the single task of manufacturing efficient lighting and have spread their business successfully across the globe.

Besides their marvelous designs, their USP lies in the team of highly professional and skilled craftsmen. Yes, they do not have just designers but craftsmen or artists that work constantly to creating new designs and generating many more ideas through it. Out of the various designs that they create, one of the most applauded ones are their chandeliers. Chandeliers have been long associated with royalty and huge mansions. At Vetrilamp, the chandelier designs are created in such a way that anyone who wishes to have a beautiful centerpiece lighting can choose from their many designs.

Their famous range of chandeliers include Doppi Piani which is a white multilayered sleek chandelier, the I Classici which is again sleek but gives the feel of a royal chandelier with candle like lamps, the I Colorati which is an amazing idea for the dining room with its broad candle like lamps that are crafted well in the chandelier, The Novita which has ample designs of chandeliers in different subtle colors and so on. Thus the list of designs in this variety itself is exhausting. There are many different sconces, pendant or suspension lights, table lamps and so many more styles of lighting to look forward to.

Another specialty of lights manufactured by Vetrilamp is that they can suit any type and size of home and décor. Whether you are looking for accentuating small spaces or huge villas, there are designs for every type of customer. It is very difficult for people to generally find designs of lamps and lights that can fit in tiny spaces but they definitely caters to this requirement too. They also give the options of creating their designs in different colors as per the requests of their customers. Hence you can actually enjoy personalized customer service with this company and that too for the best quality products which are popular across the globe.