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Have you ever heard of a company that manufactures the best of lighting fixtures in the most varied varieties? Well Vesoi lighting is definitely one of them and the list of lights they manufacture is really long. You can choose from the distinct table, floor, pendant, suspension lights, wall sconces, wall lights, ceiling lights, recessed lights and so on. Their lights are not only used in households and offices but even in the hospitality industry. As most of you would know that lights play an extremely important role in the hospitality industry not only for décor but constantly maintaining the bright and plush interiors of the location.

The lights supplied for this industry are operational almost throughout the day and hence need to be very durable and bright. Vesoi has always lived up to its commitments and hence been a preferred choice for the lighting needs of ht hospitality industry across the globe. They have always lived up to the expectations of their customers to provide supreme quality products at very affordable price range. The elegant and quirky designs have always impressed every eye and taste. Hence their client base s really huge and hence they have emerged as one of the fastest growing companies in the business.

The different designs of table lamps that you can choose from include Chiara, Cubo, Barattolo, palla, crepe, coffee cappuccino and so on. The floor lamps namely jasper, tecna, boa40, zaf30, paglietta, conica, sospesarco etc are also excellent examples of the art that their designers create. Lighting fixtures like the flex, foglio, colore, areacer, areaova, areaqua, bolle etc are best for the hospitality industry as they will enhance the entire ambience with their warm and cozy lights. If you are looking for extremely dramatic approach to lighting then you can choose from the recessed lights like colore8, lumetto11, petalo12 which is shaped like a petal, coffee/cappuccino which is like an inverted cup and saucer etc.

The other specialty of these lights from Vesoi is that they are very energy efficient. This is very important as stylish lights which cost little can prove to be very expensive because of the power consumption. They have also started manufacturing LED lights that are the latest addition to the scene and have incorporated this technology in their existing designs and light fixtures too. In fact few of the designs are also working towards the eco-friendly type of lights. Customers can choose the design they prefer and request for modifications in shape, size or color.

They also provide an option of made to order lights based on the designs given by customers and other specifications that they want to accommodate in the fixtures. Their consistent production and maintaining a team of professionals is what gives them an added advantage over other companies. Most of their designers are working with them since a very long time and have been contributing versatile designs and ideas so that there is a new style of light every season. Their lighting is one of the most popular Italian brands of lighting across the world.