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Vertigo Bird Lighting

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Vertigo Bird is an innovative lighting company that offers unique lighting design that is functional and energy efficient. The company was built off of traditional Slovenian values which give it its unique perspective on design and value. It creatively combines the skills and hands-on the craftsmanship of their design with the utilization of technology and smart brand management.

Vertigo Bird specializes in energy efficient lighting that transform the ordinary to unordinary and puts a unique spin on its products. Silvo Kačar, founder of Vertigo Bird, began this innovative, independent lighting company with a desire to produce original and beautiful products. Vertigo Bird has its headquarters in Ljubljana. This is one of the best and only designer light companies operating out of Slovenia today. Its unique location, surrounding landscape and historical influence make it a prime hub for ideation and innovation.

It is established out of the ideas, experience and thoughtfulness of Silvo Kacar. Kacar was no newcomer to the lighting design industry. Silvo Kacar also is the founder of Arcadia Lightwear. Arcadia Lightwear is one of the most successful lighting companies located in Slovenia. With his extensive knowledge and creative intuition, Silvo Kacar founded the company. The main goal in the creation of was to provide high quality lighting designs that were also timeless. Vertigo is now an independent company that has headquarters located in Ljubljana.

The company consists of a variety of designers who each contribute the the stunning designs it has available. The lighting collection available are the perfect compliment to any room. The products offered appear to have the high quality look of a lighting collection that would only be affordable by those in the upper income brackets. But, these lights were designed to be used for everyday use and not just for individual homes.

The collection in the Vertigo Bird range from soft a small lighting designers to larger lighting designs perfect to be used in larger space. Vertigo Bird has a wide variety of table lamps, floor lamps, hanging lamps and many other light fixture available. They uniquely allow you to search through their lighting design either by type or by the individual designers. Some of the top designers that compose the design team at the company include:

    • Bottcher + Henssler
    • Fabien Dumas
    • Uli Budde
    • Neil Poulton
    • Mathias Hahn
    • A+A Cooren

The collaboration of these designers and team lead to some compelling layouts and lighting schemes.

Some of the most notable projects the company has completed include the L'Oreal Research Center located in France. They have also designed a variety of studio location in Italy. The designs are clean, elegant, simple yet are modern and timeless at the same time.

Some of the most popular designs have been the tree light fixture, which resemble as a bundle of thin tree branches. The Babel lighting fixtures are also a popular item. These light fixtures were inspired by the Tower Of Babel, a story found in the Bible. The shades on these light fixtures can be turned in a number of direction which causes the angle of the light to change.