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Verpan Lighting

The appearance of one’s room says a lot about his or her personality and attitude. So it is imperative that we pay attention to tastefully decorate it. When we talk of decoration, the first thing which makes huge difference to a given area is the lighting .One of the key components of interior and outdoor decoration is illumination. With illumination, one brand that is on top of the mind’s recall is Verpan lighting. These accessories come from the inspirational works of Verner Panton (13 February 1926 – 5 September 1998). Verner Panton has been one of Denmark’s most influential furniture and interior designers. During his illustrious career, Panton created numerous futuristic designs in a wide variety of materials (especially plastic).

It is by no coincidence that they have become such a famous brand both in Denmark and abroad, as designer Verner Panton's unique lighting designs impress and attract people world over. Right from the beginning, Verpan's goal was to produce lighting in accordance with the original Verner Panton principles, creating a fusion between quality and originality. Verner Panton's lamps are in many ways are universal and the designs are traditional yet fresh. The best part about Verpan lighting is that they are not very expensive but has a hint of luxury. They have a huge collection of lamps like illumesa, wire, fun metal, and fun-mother of pearl, pan top, moon and man’s height among others.

Ilumesa is simultaneously a lamp and side table. It consists of two almost identical cylinder-shaped sections which are placed one on top of the other. Wire lamp is a table lamp made of a cylindrical wire frame ending with a hemisphere. The upper part of the lamp is equipped with a hemispherical plastic screens that come in yellow, orange, white and brown. This lamp is just one of many that show Verner Panton talent with color. He was especially known for creating explosions of color and people stood in long queues to see his designs. The lamps in the Fun series are composed of metal round discs which are flexibly connected with one another by small metal rings. Fun (M.O.P.) is the best example of the greatness of detail.

Of nature’s own solution, combined with the creativity of designs and requirements for functionality, Pantop is distinguished by a bell-like, widely flaring shade which, is mounted with the aperture facing down. The moon series consists of a large numbers of ring-shaped, discs which are suspended around the centrally located bulb. The fan-shaped discs hide the bulb and at the same time serve as reflectors, through which a soft light is spread throughout the room. Thus we see that Verpan designs are very innovative taking inspiration from nature and world around us.

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