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Traum Lighting

Traum Lighting Q & A

Traum Lighting uses natural wood veneer in all its products. The veneer material adds a rich effect to the lighting and enhances the true beauty of the wood. Radiating a delicious warmth that enriches any environment, the company makes lamps for those who appreciate the beauty in nature and design. 

The designers always employ new concepts and new ways of exciting their customers. Their idea of constant improvement is an integral part of company's health, as they also take care to try and invent new ways to work with new materials or produce better lamps. Always built for longevity and aesthetic, it is for folks who seek the original and evolution of home design. 

Able to effectively translate their designs into production processes, they aim to work in every single detail and element, and this is what makes their products the best in functionally and look. As each lamp tells its story, it becomes more apparent that these lamps are made from inspiration, and intended to inspire. Traum is continuing to make its presence familiar through their custom jobs and workshop showcasing each incredibly crafted work of art.

Where is Traum lighting located?
Traum Argentina is a cozy workshop located in the Mar del Plata section of Buenos Aires. The small shop thrives on manufacturing the same kind high quality lamps you would find at larger retailers, but from an intimate boutique. The material used gives each and every lamp a fantastic aesthetic and effect to your lighting. 

What is the lead time of their products?
There is nothing more irritating than a lead time that seems to drag on forever; which is why the total lead time for a Traum lamp is between one and two weeks. The lead time is the overall time required to make a product from start to finish. It includes the order and prep time, all the way to the inspection and shipping time. For custom made-to-order products, it is the time taken from release of an order to production and shipment. Available in five different lamp models (table, wall, ceiling, standing and mounts), each lamp is carefully made to fit your custom order. 

Can you tell me a bit more about the history of Traum Lighting?
Traum Argentina was started by Carlos M. Giacinto who was born in Mar del Plata, where the workshop is located. Giancinto graduated wuth a degree in industrial design and orientation products from the National University of Mar del Plata, and subsequently began his design career. Giancinto also holds his Master's in Design of New Products from the Polytechnic University of Valencia in Spain, where The designed professionally abroad before returning to Argentina. In 2008, he became an independent designer who always saw the character and personality in design. Today, Traum Argentina conceptualizes lamps specifically with the idea of using natural materials, as it is exclusively designed for the wood veneer to build them. 

Tell me a little bit more about their collections, quality, and models.
The wear and tear of any wood lamp is an essential factor when considering your first purchase. Every piece is coated in a liquid application of a registered (read, "secret") formula that gives the wood elasticity to achieve any desired shapes. From standing lamps to ceiling mounts, these lamps are eco-friendly and guaranteed conversation pieces. 

Their products are available in 20+ collections and finishes, like natural, oak, red, green, white, Wengué and chocolate. Their most popular models, like the Cages, is a mounted ceiling lamp made with crisscrossed strips of wood to form a "cage." In its center is a stainless steel ring, which houses the light. The Anker Klein is another ceiling lamp, and is the smaller of the Anker collection. Its screen is made of three joined sheets that are linked towards the top similar to their Gross ceiling lamp, which is formed by "tulips" that form the concentric and meets at a point. 

A fantastic accent for any modern or traditionally styled home, their table lamps are clean and sophisticated which is reliable and able to fit into any room. Their stand up lamps are designed to produce the most optimal level of light without being too harsh. It is a smart option especially for smaller spaces like a college dorm room or home office. The standing lamp is slender and elegant, and very easy to control with an easily accessible on/off switch. Marrying efficiency with tried and true craftsmanship, you can bet on this elegant lamp to be suitable for your study or beside your favorite reading nook. Their sleek designs are noted and filters harsh light to create a an appealing ambiance.

Forever creating unique products that will provide style and grace, this company exceeds all expectations through their commitment to nature and aesthetic. Wood isn't often the first material that comes to mind to make a lighting fixture, but these lamps demand attention. With every piece respecting innovation, technique and durability, they each effectively convey that same awe-inspiring outcome. Traum believes in bringing unique character and functionality to home goods through their original designs that are is practical, simple and long-lasting. Their products not only look good but they showcase a unique presence you can embrace. Their authentic designs inspires even the designers as they always aim to inspire creativity in their customers. What the company crafts is always made with skill and passion, giving soul to every product that goes out of the workshop. Utilizing natural forms and without clutter, they are the epitome of the beauty in simplicity.

What is the warranty of the fixtures?
The general warranty of a fixture is one year. When buying your next lamp, it is important to look out for a one that will last a long time. All come with a warranty. that gives you a one year window to get it repaired or replaced. Every piece is treated with precision in order to achieve every detail, and the company's motto is to give customers the confidence of knowing their fixture will be cared for.