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The danish manufacturer &Tradition is based in Copenhagen and has a charming collection of beautiful designer fixtures. Each fitting is individually created to maintain a distinct quality of its own, yet upholding the design in the craftsmanship. &Tradition lighting designers are the best in the industry. With competence and originality, experts create a design which is followed right through the process to maintain the finesse and originality of the product. Beautiful and striking collections can be found portraying designs from the Victorian era to the modern contemporary age.

This magnificent manufacturer explores its horizons not only in illuminating people’s homes but also lighting up the work places, hotels, restaurants, resorts and not to forget lighting up during the various festive occasions. Public places like health care centres, public libraries, museums, stage shows, broadways, railways and airports to name a few make use of their lighting to create a homelike feel for the folks. Each projection is intricately designed personifying the fine crystals, glass, fabrics, porcelain, wood, bronze, recyclable paper pulp, metal finishes to name a few.

This danish manufacturer offers products which will fill up every part of your household right from cosmo which is created out of environment friendly materials with a rough edge; custom made designer flower pot lamps which symbolize peace love and harmony; basic yet beautiful topan along with bulbs; lucid mega bulbs; custom coloured spinning light to suit the environmental hues; milk lamp is yet another way of adding extra light to your surroundings and turning it in to a serene mind calming experience; Bellevue lamp is a range of swan necked 45 degrees cut shape lamp shades originally used at the Bellevue petrol station which went on to become a signature design of Arne Jacobsen; the fascinating corium lamp design which amalgamates leather and metal, it stands for the yin and yang, the marriage of new and the old it is the perfect example of &Tradition lighting.

And Tradition lighting also takes into consideration adorning the various other areas of our environment like the raft stool and raft bar stool made from superior quality natural materials and completed with flawless perfection; dismantle and put it together to your delight shuffle tables; lacquered steel with legs of firm oak raft tables; trash me as the name puts it is used for personal lamps and other articles made from paper pulp which can be recycled if not of use anymore. Royal collection of their lighting ranges from curtain rods, rod holders, candle bras, ash trays, table, chairs, tapestry, lamps, tableware and other furniture to embellish the ambience.

Lamps from this brand takes inspiration from the rich history of the art world and creates new ideas and designs, however keeping the vision of the original muse. New innovative, eco friendly, long lasting materials are used to make the designs last for generations to come. Traditional lighting pays immense emphasis on the quality of the product, eventually turning the work of art into a long lasting sign of hand me down heirloom. Their lighting has been accessorising so many significance places and it will continue to delight the minds for generations to come.