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Tom Rossau Lighting

Tom Rossau was born in the year 1970. He is a self taught Danish designer who started his career in the basement of his parent's house in Faarevejle, Denmark. As a boy, Tom was constantly building with whatever he had at hand, his main medium being LEGOs at the time. Even then his design path was clear.

Today Tom Rossau, both the man and the brand, strive to design elegant and beautiful products. The company was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, in the year 1997. He originally designed and sewed leather clothing, but that changed seven years later in 2004 when he began to design his now signature natural wooden veneers. While the lights he designed were once only available from the shop on Istedgade in Copenhagen, that all changed in 2006. He introduced the TR4-TR7 at the Copenhagen Furniture Fair. There the TR7 received the “Audience Favorite Award”.

Through the years the brand has expanded, and he attends annual exhibitions at IMM Cologne and the Northern Light Fair in Stockholm, Sweden. His collection is becoming ever larger, and in January of 2010 the brand released shelving units, convertible coffee/dining tables as well as new light sculpture lamps.

Even with all this expansion, Tom had this to say about his design and his ability to stay true to its modest foundations:

The design process is actually quite selfish to me. It may be that the end consumer gets his or her need covered by the product, but in all honesty I do for the kick that it gives me. It’s quite a thrill to get an idea out of the blue, to work with it, to get caught up in it, to be totally consumed by the details from the early drawings over prototypes and on to production. Then there’s the magic experience when the material intended to do one prototype suddenly starts misbehaving and reveals unintended characteristics and all there is to do is to dive right in and explore these new possibilities. Inspiration comes from all around, but the determination process of limits and potentials of materials can be so interesting. At times it would be more appropriate to refer to the material as the designer and I the mere help, fetching screws and fastening lose ends…
With functionality, sustainability, and energy consumption as obvious issues of all design, it becomes an even more intriguing task to meet the demands of the end consumer. But all in all I’m a firm believer in coincidence and enhancement of the element of play in all design.”

Tom Rossau is a brand focused on quality and personality in the designs. Following Scandinavian design tradition, each sculpture is handcrafted with an eye for detail, and still retains the natural characteristics of its wood. Tom is most influenced by the materials and the particular characteristics of those materials. He says there are no patterns or set rules to his designs. He plays with the material, so to speak. This adds to the uniqueness that each sculpture holds, and allows for tweaking and changing to produce the beautiful wooden illuminate sculptures.