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Tobias Grau Lighting

The one element which can provide a fresh look to the entire home is lighting. By mere fixing of appropriate lighting fittings at appropriate place, a new look can be imparted to the house. These days a number of brands are offering fittings which suit the modern look. One company which is pioneer in modern and sophisticated lighting fittings is Tobias Grau lighting. The company started with purpose of provisioning precise lighting fixture which could enhance the décor of the homes and commercial spaces. They are a German company with operations across the globe.

They are a manufacturer of lighting fittings suitable for both household and official use. They use both metal and glass in their fittings. They are modern and contemporary. Tobias Grau started his company in 1984 as a self-employed designer in Hamburg. It all started with interior design projects for offices, agencies, small companies and fashion houses. Tobias Grau used to get a hold of designs from the client along with his own designs for lamps and furniture. Later on he opened his own workshop and he started getting the designs turned into beautiful pieces there. They have an extensive collection of light fitting including suspension lightings, pendants, ceiling lights, wall lights, table lamps, floor lamps and spot lights.

His collection adorns both home spaces as well as office spaces. In all the above categories the collection is exhaustive. The company uses a lot of metal in combination with glass and porcelain. The collection has beautiful names like falling water, dancing star, shy ball. The collection has taken its inspiration from nature. The light fitting of falling water is a collection from suspension lighting. The lighting collection namely “Falling Star” signifies colorful and vibrant use of light as a home decor. They use energy efficient bulbs and lights to his fittings. His collections are a beautiful blend of technology and creative imagination. His designs are very modern, elegant and smart matching the modernly designed space of the home. The designs are very futuristic and ultramodern.

They are sleek and have an element of elegance. The brand has achieved an impressive growth since the presentation of their first ranges of products. The brand has made its presence with big retailers and designers. Every season the company comes up with something striking in their collection. The collection is very user friendly as well as has great usability. An example of this can be the much talked about bill desk table lamp is a classic two-armed articulated lamp. The articulated lamp is of two varieties namely the round headed halogen and an power saving light with an elongated top. The arms of these aesthetic light fittings are flexible and easily adjustable.

If one has a modernly built house and it needs accessorizing, one can go for Their lighting as they offer a wide range of modern and contemporary style in its designs. They are fast becoming a major player in modern day lighting by providing energy efficient lighting solution to the customers.