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Terzani Lighting

Everything is light thats what the companys logo tells. Its just not the slogan but also the characterising description of the futuristic lighting designs by Terzani lighting. It also corresponds to the careful selection of material by the company. The result is thus beautifully crafted lightings alluring and enticing homes and commercial spaces.

They began their business as a creative design and production house for lighting objects. In the design house, traditional techniques of making wrought-iron, carving wood and hand-blown Murano glass were merged with contemporary style and function. These lighting fittings have very fresh modern look from natural goods like iron and wood. Terzani La Luce Pensata is one of the pioneers of Italian lighting designs. In the 1970s, the first lamp of the Luminaire factory Terzani, founded by Sergio Terzani was manufactured. Later on in 1985, the Italian met the French jean crochet. Jean Crchet had an amazing sense of design and style. Both of them joined hands and they combined their talent of Italian craftsmanship and French design to produce lamps which have their takers all over the world.

The company does not see lighting fittings and fixtures in their true sense. They feel they are living and every single piece has a story f its own to narrate. They are now headquartered in Italy, where skilled artisans design and manufacture each fixture. The collection has an exhaustive range of floor and table lamps, pendants, torchieres, sconces, low and line voltage halogen lamps and a variety of architectural lighting. These pieces complement both traditional and contemporary spaces. They have a variety of signature lighting pieces that truly represent the brand.

The most talked about of their design is the Atlantis chandelier designed by Barlas Baylar. It is made up of almost four miles of nickel chain and is a true awe stuck beauty. They have strong liking for raw materials like iron, wood, and of course Murano glass, but with a contemporary hint added to present their lighting to the modern day. They keep on updating and modernizing their lighting styles. The company beautifully blends the heritage with modern technology. The design process initiates with the creative invention of the designers imagination and goes on to an exceptionally accurate search through the use of the right resources and technologies.

The company also goes for constant research in order to find better techniques and newer materials which can be molded to form lamp shades. This is the reason that the pieces look different and technologically sound. For example few of the glass design pieces carry the tradition of hand blowing but are subsequently treated with the sophisticated vacuum metallization technology .this technology is the same as used in automobile industry for metallization. In an era where customers are the king, this type of fusion which preserves the culture and is technologically driven, is guaranteed to allure them across the globe. That is why they find their clients in almost all parts of the world.