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Studio Italia Design Lighting

While one may assume that the lamps and lights are just fixtures that hold bulbs, then you are wrong. It is necessary that the fixture or the glass that holds the bulb is durable and able to withstand the heat. The layers of glass that are crafted in beautiful designs need to be delicate and the carving needs to be intricate too. This difficult art is mastered by the designers of Studio Italia design lighting. The team is constantly trying to innovate their designs and tries new designs in their labs several times so that the end product is a durable and decorative.

After all, the customer must fall in love with the design the moment they see it. The designers take into account this fact and hence have put in all their creative skills in designing the various products available at the Studio Italia Design company. These are not just designer pieces of light but also equally functional. There are also some made to order designs where the designers bring to life the ideas of their customers. Hence if you have a particular design in mind for a long for the kind of lighting you wish to have in your home, then you can contact the team of designers.

They are more than willing to help anyone who needs special assistance. In fact the ideas of customers are the inspiration behind many of their designs. They offer ceiling, wall, floor, and table and suspension lights at a very affordable price. Their designs also incorporate a lot of color. Hence if you are looking to add some color to your plain walls or ceiling, then you can choose from the wide range of the beautiful lamps that this high end manufacturer has to provide.

A few colors that are available in metal or wood finish are glazed or brushed nickel, acid green, green metal, beautiful combinations of black and fuchsia, white and fuchsia, black and gold, wood shade, red, painted silver, yellow, polished aluminum, brushed, polished stainless steel and many more. There is an equal choice in the glass material too like milk white, crystal black, red, orange, frosted white glass, mirrored metal, white and black lines, amethyst, shining nickel, micro punched sheet, amber, blue, yellow and many more. Thus you have such a wide choice to add to the color in your existing décor so that it adds life to your room.

Few of their popular designs include the Amourette SO which is a suspended light that is has a hand crafted metal body. This lamp can also be mounted as a floor lamp and is available in black and white colors. Another variety is the Curl my light which is similar to the Amourette and is available as a table lamp too. The next is a bubble inspired design named as the Bubble. It is a glass finish lamp and can be used as a floor, table, ceiling lamp. Thus most of these lamps have a multiple use and that is what makes their designed lighting different from the others.