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The word “stool” can mean a great deal of things. The stool could be a chair stool, a bar stool, a stepping stool or even a stool pigeon. Each of these stools’ names, aside from the stool pigeon, references the size and purpose of the stool. Pick your stool with proper purpose in mind. A couple of these options are used primarily as high seating. Others are primarily to get up to step up to reach something. Let us explore these various types of modern stools in reverse order starting with the stepping stool.

The stepping stool is usually much shorter than other stools. It is primarily used to help little kids up to counter to wash hands. However, sometimes even grown-ups use stepping stools to items that had or were supposed to be placed high over their head. Common items retrieved would books at a library or bulk ingredients in the kitchen. They are commonly stored near where they are commonly used. A step stool for a child to reach the faucet would be found in the bathroom. A stepping stool for retrieving and placing items on the top shelf in the pantry would be found in pantry.

Sometimes the stepping stool will undergo some slight modification to double as seating as well as its common use of helping to reach higher placed items. In this form, our stool becomes a chair stool. It is shaped like a chair. It functions well as either as a stool or chair well. It can help be a good choice for those homes that need help getting up to places, but do not really possess high tables. This blend of chair and stool tends to spend most of its time in a pantry for use as stool and is only brought as a chair when the crowds around the home require it.

If your primary use for your stool is as place to sit alone at the kitchen counter or the bar, you truly want and need a bar stool. Bar stools allow work well for close quarters sitting especially sitting alone with limited conversation at the counter. This type of stool is a great option for children who need help with homework, while Mom cooks dinner. The kids can work on their homework. Mom can cook at a comfortable height and still be able to keep an eye on the homework. It can also be good place for siting when eating alone at a restaurant or at home.

Each of these three types of modern stools offers something different. A stepping stool is always standing to give a hand. A chair stool can either sit or stand depending on the situation and behave accordingly. A bar stool always sits above as conversation starter or homework completions. Each of these different types of stools offers help at different times of life. Choosing between them depends upon your needs. Do you primarily need to retrieve something? Choose as a step stool as your assistant. Do you need a place at the kitchen counter? Try a bar stool for yourself. If it really depends on what you need and what is going on from day to day, purchase a chair stool for the best of both worlds.

Be sure to consider your needs in selecting your stool or even stools that you need in the near future. You will be very glad that you thought your way through your choice of a particular modern stool. You will then be able to find the correct stool for your home and your purposes on daily basis.