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While SLV has been in business for a very long time, it is a new company of the group. But that does not make it any less than its counterparts in the market. With its operations just a few years old, the company has manufactured some really brilliant designs. This is why the company is growing by leaps and bounds in terms of popularity of its products. Whether it is for your interiors or exteriors, home or office, they have a wide range of products to suit every need. They not only illuminate your home but also light up the entire atmosphere. If you are assuming that SLV lighting specializes in only home or commercial lighting then you will be surprised to know that they also offer different types of technical lighting products too. Lights are used everywhere. It is how you use them that make the difference. Shifting from the regular purpose of using light bulbs or tube lights for just lighting your homes to accentuating the décor with lights will be worth a thought. Today, people play with different kinds of illumination techniques to make a regular place look appealing. There is not that good lighting can do to any type of place. There has been a constant innovation in the type of lighting used since ages. People are waiting for new designs to be offered so that they can be incorporated in their homes or offices. The company is constantly putting in all the efforts to make such lights that will not only look beautiful, light up your place but also will be light on the pocket. They are not only manufacturers but wholesale dealers of these lights too. The focus is on quality of the products and hence the list of suppliers is also limited so that there are no loopholes when it comes to quality. They specialize in contemporary designs so as to match the tastes of the modern world. Whether you are looking out for wall, floor, ceiling, table lights or recessed, portable and suspending lights, SLV lighting has a design for every requirement. One of their popular designs is the Rusty Cone which is used especially for the outdoors. This lamp combines the natural light with a rustic iron fixture which blends well with your outdoor setup. These lamps have individuality to the design and are great for outdoors since they come in a rusty finish. Hence weather will not affect them much.