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Slamp Lighting

People prefer lighting any interior to achieve desired results whether they are to increase utility of the place, provide a warm look or add style and sophistication. Again, every room has a different requirement. Hence there are different types of lights with respect to illumination power or design that are available in the market today. While a bar side or a bedroom may require dim lighting, a study or living room require bright lights. Hence while fixing lights in any room lot of things have to be considered. Most houses try to make the perfect use of light in a particular place to add life to the area.

Slamp lighting realised the need for different types of lights that are popular these days and hence introduced very sophisticated and contemporary designs in the market. Their skilled designers have tried to design many different lamps and lights to match with different decors and ones that can suit both indoors and outdoors. There are lights which can be mounted up a ceiling or on a wall and can face upwards or downwards or straight depending on the requirement. So if the ceiling needs to be projected it can face up whereas for elevating a painting or artefact it can face down on it.

Not only do their lights reflect a unique art but also hold a character. This will definitely be transferred to your home or office too. The designs from Slamp lighting are so different from any of the regular lights that you would see in the home decor stores. Every piece of creation is worth mentioning too. One of the classic examples is the Veli which is inspired by a floral bouquet pattern and can be suspended from the ceiling. Available in plain white color or a few shades of plum or black at its rim, this will be the most appealing piece of light you have ever owned.

If you are looking for a simple and geometric type of design, then the Chapeau is an ideal option. Available in a matt black finish, it can be used as a floor, table or ceiling lamp. Another design that may attract you is the lamps inspired by the Cactus plant. It is available in white and gold color and are all table lamps of different sizes. There is a small, medium, XL and XXL size to match the different space requirements. This magnificent manufacturer has many more such inspiring designs which will light up the entire ambience of your home or office.

Other interesting Italian designs from Slamp include the Veli prisma, Faretto available in black and white colors, the Super Morgana, Morgana, the Mille Bolle, Ceremony, Battista, Goccia Prisma, Atlante, Creatures, Girafiore, Medusa, Lillibet, Comodina, Aurora, Fiorellina and many more. If you are looking out for wooden light fixtures then you can choose from Woody flor lamp or Woody suspension. All these designs are available at very affordable prices and hence you could own a couple of pieces or more to decorate your home or office. 

Slamp lighting under one roof

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Our Slamp lighting collection includes wall scones, chandeliers, floor lamps, table lamps, ceiling lights and pendant lights. All these products are sold at great prices that you don’t want to miss. Over the years, Slamp has built a strong reputation in the industry for delivering only the highest quality lighting products. Get your Slamp lighting with us.