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Sillux Lighting

Established decades ago - Sillux Lighting is the Italian manufacturer of exquisite lighting fixtures. The company has made a name for itself in the recent years especially because its fixtures have encompassed a sensitive way of expressing the modern life. The collections of lighting fixtures produced by the company have a subtle elegance about them along with classic lines and textures without looking overtly experimental but retain the functionality and quality of lighting fixtures. The simple yet expressive lines of the lighting fixtures provide a sort of subdued intensity and classic dignity to the fixtures.

The company follows the highest standards of manufacturing process within to produce lighting fixtures of a quality that surpasses any set benchmark in the industry. The company’s portfolio boasts of a modern and classic collection of lighting fixtures. Each collection has a wide variety of fixtures to choose from.

The modern collection consists of stunning lighting fixtures like Alaska, Miranda and Saturnia among many others. The Alaska collection is a recessed lighting collection which is entirely handcrafted and made of a transparent glass shade that is set in a nickel frame. The Saturnia collection on the other hand consists of light fittings that are made of brushed stainless steel and the frame is hence combined with a glass shade. The glass shade has two options to choose from: transparent crystal blue and transparent crystal.

The company has always stood out for its impeccable standards of quality and beauty. The factory of the company is situated on a sprawling site in Quarto d’Altino (Venezia) Italy. The company has moved on with the changing times to introduce its award winning modern collection while retaining its Italian tradition of beauty combined with quality and functionality.

The classic collection of the company consists of extremely popular matching families of lighting fixtures like Aloe and Amsterdam. The Aloe collection is completely handmade and consists of a glass lamp with an LED bulb. The glass covering is available in two options: transparent or gold leaf. The Amsterdam collection also handcrafted consists of a glass shade that is textured according to likes of the customers. The glass and frame are both available in antiqued texture. The glass shade is available in amber or crystal amber colors and the frame is available in copper red or brown colors.

The company also takes part in various events and trade fairs of the lighting industry across the world to promote and market its products. The company had made its presence felt in the Architecture and Technology Fair where often companies are launched. The company chose to unveil its upcoming designs to its rivals and cheering customers.

The company sells its lighting fixtures through a close network of representatives all over Italy and the continent of Europe. The company also has selected representative in the United States to service its growing client base in the country.

The company is always involved in improving its manufacturing lines to accommodate the customizations of customers even on a short notice. With years of experience Sil.Lux Lighting is taking the lighting industry by storm with its glamorous and elegant light fittings.