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Serien Lighting

The German based brand - Serien lighting which has its business and products spread across the globe was founded in 1983. The company has always been known for its unique thinking in terms of designing lights. Most people will agree that lighting is done intentionally in any interior to achieve desired results whether they are to increase utility of the place, provide a warm look or add style and sophistication. The lights by Serien do absolute justice to this concept of lighting and are capable of matching to every customer’s taste and preference. Famous designers like Uwe Fischer and Yaacov Kaufman have also contributed a lot to designing lights for Serien.

The company does have an expert team of designers but there are a few lamps that are contributions from very renowned names. Thus for those who are looking for exclusive work of art, this lighting is a great option. Their approach is extremely professional and attention to minute detailing is their forte. Every design is different from the other and hence you can be a proud owner of exclusive pieces that are just with you. The quality of illumination is also excellent and hence your room will be well lit and look new.

The lighting reef is a great fixture for any kind of setup whether indoors or outdoors. It is a wall mounted light which can be used in hallways, patios, any room or commercial setups. Then there are the day to day used chrome lights which are sleek but since they are a part of this lighting, they provide much brighter light in the room. You can choose from the chrome plated, silver anodized or opaque and transparent options that are easily available in these lights. There are also different sizes that you can choose from. There are also the poppy lights that you can pick for your homes.

These are small in size but look very attractive when arranged properly on the wall. You could neatly arrange many poppy lights tangled in each other and in different colors to form a design or just have a couple on each side of the socket. So an inexpensive regular light can also add to the beauty of your home. If you are looking out for something even more larger than life, then you can opt for the chandeliers. Their contemporary designs for chandeliers are worth a buy. The Zoom chandelier is one such piece from Serien lighting that can add to the beauty of your commercial spaces.

This chandelier does not need a very large palace or villa but is designed in such a way that it looks perfect for the regular ceilings too. You can definitely choose from the Zoom XXL or Zoom XL versions of these chandeliers if you want to use them in huge spaces. It is a stainless steel frame and if you are lucky you can get them at discounted prices on the internet. You can check the catalogue or the prices of each of the their lighting on the internet and can order them to get it delivered at your doorstep.