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Semi Flush Ceiling Lights

Semi flush ceiling lights - Q&A

Nowadays, there are many options you can find to make your home interior more beautiful and stylistic. One of these options is the different use types of lights and lighting fixtures. In the past, lights were used only for the purpose of making the surroundings bright during darkness. Today, they also offer aesthetic value just like what chandelier does since time immemorial.

Among the many lights that are available in the market today, semi-flush ceiling lights are the most popular. Although there are various types of lamps and bulbs, you can choose for your home, many interior designers would insist you should have some ceiling lights at home, and these are usually ceiling lights semi flush. This is because ceiling lights semi flush can be designed according to your home interior design. Moreover, they serve their ultimate purpose of providing your desired brightness.

What Is Semi Flush Ceiling Light?

Before we can define it, we should know that there are two types of ceiling lights. The one is flush, and the other is semi flush. Flush ceiling lights are lights that are close to ceiling fixtures. In other words, they are close to ceiling lights. In fact, most of them have no gap between the fixture and the ceiling. These ceiling lights are designed to look modern and functional. They offer a consistent and exact level of brightness, whether it is warm or white.

On the other hand, semi-flush ceiling lights or semi-flush mount lights are those that have wider gaps between the fixture and the ceiling. If close to ceiling lights or those that are close to ceiling fixtures emulate the moon or the sun, semi flush lights emulate the classic chandelier. Nevertheless, both types can be made in various designs that can perfectly fit any interior.

Where Should I Put Semi Flush Ceiling Lights?

Since semi-flush ceiling lights can work like a chandelier, they can also be put anywhere you may consider a chandelier is appropriate. At home, the ideal areas you can put a semi flush light is in the living room, dining room, and a deck. This will add a romantic effect when it is a little bit dim.

If semi-flush lights are used in hotels, they can be put in areas such as a lounge, front desk, and rooms. Semi flush lights can be put in almost every area in a hotel, including bathrooms and offices.

There is no question you can put semi-flush ceiling lights in many areas at home and other establishments. What you need to consider is the variation of your semi-flush ceiling lights. This means it looks common to see the same ceiling light everywhere. You can put it anywhere but not everywhere as

Having a certain style of semi flush light in your dining area and another semi flush light with different style and size in your living area. This will reduce the monotonous atmosphere in your interior.

How Much Wattage (LED Power) Do I Approximately Need in Each Room of the House?

There is no exact answer that applies to all designs and areas. However, there is a formula that you can follow to get the specific wattage that is appropriate for your home. You have to multiply the length of your room times its width. Then, multiply the result times 1.5 as a fixed number. The result will give you the exact wattage you need in your room.

For example, the length of your room is 12 feet, and the width is 16 feet. The formula should go like this: 12 x16 = 192. Now, the result is 192. Multiply that number times 1.5 just like the given number above. It should go like this: 192 x 1.5 = 288. The final result is 288. That is the wattage. This means that your room with that size will need 288 watts of LED power.

When you are looking for semi flush LED ceiling light, first calculate the size of your room according to the above formula. It is best you are already aware of this before making any decision to buy any light. In this way, you can easily get an ideal specification that fits your room.

What Styles of Semi Flush Ceiling Lights Are Available?

The styles of semi-flush ceiling lights you can find are based on the styles of your home interior. If your home has Mediterranean style, it should follow that style. In the case of modern style, flush ceiling lights can offer a lot of good options. Even so, you can find various modern designs of semi-flush ceiling lights as well.

Nevertheless, here are some various styles of semi-flush ceiling lights you can find on the market today:

  • Transitional
  • Modern
  • Traditional
  • Contemporary
  • Industrial
  • Old World
  • Victorian
  • Country
  • Mediterranean

Why Should I Use LED Lighting or LED Bulbs in My Fixtures?

You should use LED lighting or LED bulbs in your fixtures for the following reasons:

  1. LED lights are more power-efficient than conventional lights
  2. LED lights don't produce so much heat
  3. LED lights have longer life than any other types of lights
  4. LED lights are stable in all weather conditions

What Are Some Recommended Products for Semi Flush Ceiling Lighting?

You can try these brands:

  • Sonneman
  • Fontana Arte
  • Occhio


Semi flush mount lights used to serve as special decorations. Today, they are considered indispensable. They are no longer just some additions in every newly constructed home. In fact, they are now part of the generic design not only for homes but also for different types of building structures. The good news is that you will not run out of choices when selecting the appropriate semi-flush ceiling lights for your home.