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Secto Design Lighting

While Secto Lighting may be a new name as compared to the many other lighting manufacturers across the world, the kind of acclaim they have received is worth the mention. Their lighting was introduced in Finland around 1995 has captured most markets across the globe with their out of the box ideas of lighting. They have introduced several different designs in their market and the best way to identify them is that though they may look like very traditional and simple lamps, their rustic look makes them special. These are generally available in birch, white and black shades only.

However you can choose from the wide range of table, floor, wall mounted, ceiling and pendant lighting that would match your décor. While one may feel that the colors are limited, but these are the basic colors that can match with any kind of décor. In a very colorful home, a nice basic colored lamp can appear as a highlight to mellow down the use of color and at the same time accentuate the other colors in the room with its light. Thus, the manufacturers have carefully planned their designs so that every light from Secto lighting appeals to every kind of audience.

Most people who have ever closely viewed the Secto lighting designs have immediately taken the decision of buying them. The skilled craftsmanship is clearly depicted through each of its design. All designs revolve around the concept of slats. These slats look as if they are emerging from a slender source and then try and finish towards their end to form a semi enclosed structure. People also compare the top to the neck of a lady which gracefully gets a curve with the slats. These slats are made of pressed birch and crafted plywood. These are laminated slats that can last really long.

Hence buying the their lighting will be a wise investment too. These lights can be used both indoor and outdoor and even if you buy multiple pieces to be placed in a single room, since every type has a common design, they will blend well with the décor. The handmade wooden lamps are a treat to the eye. These can be best used as pendant lights to enhance the look of your patios, gardens, entrance, hallway and even dining spaces. The lights can be adjusted as per your lighting requirement and you can create a dim and romantic atmosphere with them too.

A warm Scandinavian feel is what each lamp reflects will light up the atmosphere of the room. Thus these lamps and lights also offer a kind of personalised comfort due to their rustic designs. There are different types of wall lamps like the 4230 or 4231, pendant lights like the Magnum, Puncto, Octo, Victo, Atto, floor lamps like the 4210 and even compact table lamps like the 4220 that you can choose from. All of these are available in different sizes and the three prominent signature lighting colors namely black, white and birch.