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4th of July Sale - Savings up to 50% OFF! Shop Now »

Rotaliana Lighting

The fine Italian company - Rotaliana lighting is well-known for bringing forth a hybrid series of lamps that combine the conventional Italian architecture with International modern designs.

Giovanni Lauda is a senior designer of the company to have won several accolades for presenting one of the most unique & sophisticated designs of lighting fixtures. Along with him, there are many more expert architects like Andrea Branzi, Burkhard Panteleit, Camilia Diedrich, Dante Donegani, Emmanuel Galina, Jae Kyu Lee, Kengo Kuma and Toyo ito who have been associated with the company for a long time. Many types of equipment created by this brand are not only extremely functional & stylish but also excellent energy savers. Rotaliana lamps are appreciated for carrying many different features, amongst which their use of latest lighting sources for granting superb decorative lighting effects is the most crucial.

The newest collection of Rotaliana lamps have incorporated LED technology for introducing fixtures with better and highly advanced lighting solution. This particular collection includes innovative designer lamps that incorporate LED lights as compared to the ordinary incandescent or fluorescent bulbs which may be harmful to the human vision. In addition to this, these lamps are also equipped with an amazing power saving technology which allows the user to reduce his expenditure on electricity bills. The company has therefore introduced a wide range of latest LED lighting fixtures that include Pendant lights, Floor lamps, Table lamps, Wall scones and Ceiling/Suspension lights that are manufactured with superior quality materials and fashionable design. Let us take a look at the features of the most sought after designs of lighting fixtures.

Rotaliana BPL H1 & H2 are extremely popular pendant/wall/suspension lights which are a product of handicraft as well as highly advanced technology. The diffuser’s white circular structure is created from hand woven white polyester and the internal portion of the equipment consists of an electrostatic steel coated rod. BPL H1 & H2 designed by Camilla Diedrich was introduced in 2005 and was bestowed with the "Excellent Swedish Design Award".

Belvedere WO Wall Scone is recognized as the most promising lighting fixture which not only guarantees maximum efficiency, productivity, and durability but also fits-in very well with all kinds of indoor spaces. It is looked upon as a great source of indirect lighting mainly due to the fact that this equipment evenly distributes subtle lighting across all directions of the room. The structure of this particular equipment is manufactured with a rectangle shaped & polished die-cast aluminum which incorporates halogen bulb for emitting light. Architects Dante Donegani & Giovanni Lauda jointly created this particular model which was introduced in 2010.

The Bubble F floor lamp is an attractive & decorative piece of lighting fixture which compliments all kinds of residential as well as commercial indoor spaces. The diffusers are constructed with free blown glass. This lighting equipment also comes with a convenient dimmer switch which makes it easier for the user to adjust the brightness as per his convenience. Burkhard Panteleit designed & introduced this particular model in 2001.