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Modern Room Lighting Buying Guide

Modern room lighting is not just about functionality but also creates the perfect mood. A room that is well lit makes everyone feel relaxed and comfortable. There are a lot of different kinds of room lighting that range in size, design, shape, and color. Whether you want to improve the lighting of a room in a house, office, restaurant, hotel, or an exhibition booth, keep these tips in mind to select the perfect lighting that creates a pleasant and comfortable ambiance for everyone.

Living Room Lighting

The living room is the center point in a home where people carry out different activities. When buying a lighting fixture for a living room you must keep comfort and practicality in mind. You will need a combination of pendant lights and chandeliers, supplemented by portable lights such as floor or table lamps and even picture lights to highlight paintings or other pieces of artwork in the room.

To create a relaxed atmosphere, it is important that you make use of mood lighting that can be placed on bookshelves, cornices, and glassware displays. Also, you can highlight TV and other multimedia devices in the living room by using spotlight and table lamps. Plants and other decorative items can also be highlighted using these lights.

Kitchen Lighting

A kitchen is the functional area of a house that needs to have bright illumination. The lighting plan should take into account room size, furniture items, and working areas where food is prepared. A good lighting plan consists of ceiling and pendant lights, dining table lights, and table lamps. Also, the kitchen should also have island lighting for the kitchen island.

You should avoid portable light in the kitchen. The reason is that it creates trailing cables that can create a tripping hazard.

Apart from properly illuminating the room, the kitchen lighting should also improve the overall look of the home. Colorful, stylish lamp lighting can create a more intimate mood, while a chick and elegant lighting design can create a pleasant impressions causing people to linger in the room for longer periods.

Bedroom Lighting

Most people do not give much thought to bedroom lighting. Most often it comes down to a few table lamps and a ceiling lamp that does not make the room feel warm and cozy. A bedroom should contain bedside lighting, lights for dressers and sideboards, lighting for window board, lighting for wardrobes, and moonlight for the floor.

Today’s bedrooms also contain televisions and computer, and the lighting should be planned accordingly. You can place directional lighting and table lamps to create the perfect ambiance. If you have a study table in the bedroom, you would also need a task lighting to properly illuminate the area. You can install lighting with dimmer switches to have better control over the light levels for setting the right mood.

Lighting for the children’s bedroom should be a little different. Go for a lighting solution that makes the room bright, safe, and colorful. Bright lighting is required for the play area in the bedroom. Also, you should install task and floor lamp for older children who do homework in the bedroom. Make sure that the ceiling and wall lighting you select for the children’s bedroom is perfectly safe from little fingers. Avoid placing clip spotlights or low hanging pendants in the bedroom of younger children.

Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom lighting should be functional and appealing at the same time. The lighting for the bathroom should be planned with safety in mind. For areas in the bathroom that get a lot of moisture, you should install wet location lighting. Also, you should buy bathroom ceiling lights and wall sconce that perfectly complement the modern décor of the place.

Almost all bathrooms have vanity mirrors. You can install top or side mirror lighting that looks the best in the bathroom. Avoid bright lighting for the bathroom as it creates an unpleasant effect in the bathroom. Ideally, the light switches should be outside the bathroom for maximum safety and protection. For the bathroom, glass or stainless steel lighting fixtures are the best. Avoid installing a lighting fixture that consists of wood element in the bathroom as it can downgrade in humid condition.

Hallway Lighting

The hallway lighting should be welcoming and warm. Selecting the perfect lighting for the hallway is important since it’s an introduction to the home. Hallways tend to be cramped places with little or no natural lighting. That’s why the lighting fixture for the hallway should be bright and colorful. Installing a stylish and modern design lighting fixture for the hallway can turn a bland and boring place to an inviting and appealing place.

The hallway lights are usually left on for a long period. Installing LED lights for the hallway is suggested as they don’t get overheated when used for a long period. Also, you should consider installing hallway mirror lighting and table lights if required. If the hallway is narrow and long, you can consider installing wall lights in the area to create the perfect ambiance.

Dining Table Lighting

Dining table lighting needs to be flexible and functional. The lighting fixture should provide focus to the dining table. It should be dominated by ceiling light or chandelier that is hung directly above the dining table. To create a more convivial or casual atmosphere, you should also install pendant light such as the Formosa C1 pendant light as they work marvelously to create a pleasant ambiance. There are many other options that you can choose from to perfectly illuminate the dining room.

Office Lighting

Office lighting should create bright illumination to ensure that the employee remains productive and perform at their peak mental level. Make good use of task light, suspension lights, floor lamps, and wall lights. You should aim at creating a pleasant ambiance that allows the employees to focus on their task at hand without disturbance of kind.

A good general office lighting that is supplemented by desk lamps avoids glare and headache when operating a PC. Make sure that the lighting for the office room is layered for the best effect. You need ambient lighting such as wall sconces and ceiling mounted fixtures to establish an overall pleasant ambiance in the room. Task lights that include floor lamps and desk lamps were particularly suitable while working on a computer, reading, or writing. You can also add accent lights such as small wall lights and spotlights to highlight architectural features or artistic work displayed on the wall.

Restaurant Lighting

In the restaurant business, the customer comes first. The lighting should be designed for the customers, and not to fit the architecture or furniture of the restaurant. If the guests like the overall ambiance of the place, they would like to visit the place more frequently.

Make sure that you select the right lighting for the lounge, dining area, and the bar. By focusing on the right lighting solution, you can create an ambiance that is comfortable, lively, and pleasant for the customers.

The restaurant lighting should also be flexible according to the time of the day when the food is served.

    • Breakfast: A good lighting involves a combination of daylight and electric light. This will help in creating an enjoyable and pleasant restaurant ambiance.

    • Lunch: Moderate level of lighting is adequate during lunch rushes.

  • Dinner: Low-level lighting is best as it creates an intimate and leisurely ambiance.

Consider buying stylish and elegant lighting that adds to the appeal of the place. Also, you should focus on buying the right color light. The color influences human moods and emotions. One must be cautious with selecting the color as the wrong lighting color can create a negative feeling among the customers. The color of the lighting should accentuate details of the room décor and look appealing at the same time.

Retail Store Lighting

Lighting in the retail store should focus on the products. Customers are more likely to buy a product if the products are illuminated in a way that makes them eye-catching and dazzling. A properly placed lighting solution can quickly help achieve this goal.

The entrance lighting should brightly illuminate the place and create a feeling of liveliness and joie de vivre. Installing chandeliers are suggested for the entrance area to great stores. The lighting should not be dull and appear gloomy. Instead, the lighting placed at the entrance area should make the customers feel comfortable and pleasant.

Another important area to focus in a retail store is the sales area. The sales area lighting should produce a focused lighting that brilliantly illuminates the store. It should project the light in a way that it brilliantly illuminates the project.

Window display lighting is used to highlight specific products that are displayed on a shelf or other display area. This light fixture that you select for the display area should brightly illuminate the products. It should make the products pop and add a sense of importance to them. These lighting can also be used for other purposes such as to highlight a piece of artwork or store décor and in display and shelving nooks to add visual emphasis.

Other retail areas where you can add lighting fixture include cashier area, fitting room, and stock room. Whatever area that you need to illuminate in the retail space, you need to pick a lighting solution that adds sophistication and beauty to the area.

Hotel Lighting

The hotel lighting should be stylish and gracious if the aim is to capture the heart of the guests. Make sure that the lighting solution compliments the decors and creates an inviting feeling among the customers, and makes them visit the hotel again and again.

The ambiance of a hotel begins in the lobby area. Make sure that the lighting that you select an appropriate lighting for the lobby area. The lighting should focus on the grand design of the lobby with the aim of creating a welcoming ambiance that not just impresses but mesmerizes the guests. The lobby area should be lit brightly to create an upbeat atmosphere. The furniture, art pieces, display cases, and other items placed in lobby area should be brilliantly illuminated by selecting an appropriate lighting solution.

Front Desk lighting should also not be overlooked when selecting a lighting solution for the restaurant. Make sure that the lighting fixture that you choose for the front desk looks elegant and graceful. The guests should be made to feel welcome when they visit the front desk in the restaurant, and this can easily be achieved by selecting the right lighting fixture for the area.

You can find a lighting fixture that is suitable for different areas of the restaurant. Installing the right light can make good architecture and design look even better. Whether you want to select lighting for the hotel café, hallway, parking, conference, and banquet, or a guest room, you can select a light fixture that can strike a chord with your guests.

The feeling of comfort and luxury comes from the guests enjoying the overall experience, and not just installing luxury furniture items. By focusing on the illumination of the room, you can create a comfortable atmosphere for the customers. You can boost the feeling of opulence by installing light fixtures in the rooms that feature dimmer control, LED, and diffused light. The LED lights are perfect for corridors and hallways and can be left turned on for longer periods without getting burned out. Moreover, they are energy efficient as well, so this would result in lower energy bills. Environmentally conscious guests will certainly be delighted with LED lights installed in the restaurant.

When you use modern lighting fixture, it will create a dramatic look and cozy feeling among the guests. You can use the light to highlight artwork or illuminate the work area in the rooms. The ideal hotel lighting is one that combines functionality and aesthetics to create an ultimate elegance.


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