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Restaurant Lighting

Restaurant Lighting Buying Guide 

1 - What Watt Light Bulb Should I use for Restaurant Illumination?

This is a very dense question as there is a lot to consider. Most lighting experts suggest around 200 to 400 watts. However, this does depend on the size of the particular dining area. Each dining area should be seen as a separate unit.

The best way to figure out how much lighting is needed in a zone is to multiply the square footage of one dining area by 1.5, which should give you a relatively accurate wattage number. Try to ensure that the light is focused so that the light does not seep over into other dining areas.

2 - Can you Tell me a bit More About Dimming Ability and Atmosphere and Mood in a Restaurant?

Atmosphere and mood have a lot to do with colors and lighting. There are some things to consider, like the type of restaurant that is being lit. For example, restaurants that are seeking to bring a little romance out of each patron should consider dim lighting.

This type of lighting highlights the natural tones of the skin, making a person look more appealing. This is ideal for couples. You want to stick to lights that have a slight amber hue as it gives the illusion of candlelight.

Those who simply want to incite hunger in their establishment should consider regular wattages but with a slight blue hue. A slight blue hue has been shown to keep people hungry for a longer period.

3 - How Many Lumens do I Need in my Restaurant?

You will need about 30 lumens per square foot of the dining table you are attempting to light. This means that if the table is about 6x3 feet, then you will need about 540 lumens.

It should be noted that restaurants with darker furniture and fixtures might want to consider adding a few lumens, but this is optional. What you want to accomplish with lumen-potency is light up the food just enough to be seen, not enough to be thoroughly examined.

4 - What Types of Restaurant Lighting Fixtures are There?

There are a number of light fixtures that serve a particular purpose, such as the regular dining lighting fixtures. These designs have one thing in common, which is to light one area or spotlight a space so that the light does not seep over to the next booth.

The Bar fixtures are meant to be festive, but do not worry too much about the light seeping over into other booths; the entire room is supposed to function as one. The key here is to find fixtures that match the aesthetics of your particular establishment.

Lounge fixtures attempt to do what Bar fixtures do, except they are a little dimmer. Lounging establishments are meant to be a little dark but perfect for conversation or a little flirtation. Look for fixtures that dim the lights but also blend well with your restaurant.

5 - Why Should I use LED Lighting in my Restaurant?

There is a lot that can be said about the benefits of LED lights. First off, it should be noted that these are small semiconductors. This means that the light occurs when electric currents pass through the semiconductors. The nature of semiconductors makes it very easy to control light. So dimming and messing with color will be a lot more comfortable with LED lights.

Another important aspect of LED lights that restaurateurs should remember is that these lights outlast regular light bulbs by up to 16 times. This little fact makes LED lights a great eco-friendly and money-saving option. You will not use as much energy as you would with regular light bulbs.

6 - What are Some Recommended Products for Restaurant Lighting?

Finding the right light fixture for your restaurant does take some time. There are a few things to consider, such as hues or applying dimmers to the fixtures, but you still have to settle on a particular style.

Style is imperative, and ensuring that you have many styles to choose from is the key. One of the most attractive and practical light fixtures that any restaurateur should consider is the Bel Occhio Pendant Light. Pablo Designs exquisitely designed this fixture. One of the most important aspects of the pendant is that it ensures focal light in one particular area. The light is surrounded by an amber-colored glass that gives the light a fire-like glow that some restaurants might find useful.

Another option is the Mama Cloud 75 Suspension Lamp, which was designed by Belux. This is an interesting and somewhat whimsical design that allows soft and fluid light to be focused in one particular area. It is a great addition for restaurants who are attempting to create an unforgettable experience for patrons.

Those who need a slightly larger option of the Cloud might be interested in the Cloud XL Suspension Light. This option is larger than the Cloud 75 option mentioned earlier, but it gives the restaurateur the same benefits. Of course, this fixture is meant to cover a square footage should that be necessary.

One interesting option for restaurateurs could also be the Cellula Chandelier, which is 47 inches and contains 9 bulbs. This was designed by Anthologie Quartett. The design was meant to create a fluid light flow from the fixture while adding a bit of panache. The style is elegant, which should add a touch of class to your restaurant.

Tolomeo Off Center Suspension is another interesting look that was designed by Artemide. The fixture should pair well with a restaurant that is attempting to exude a modern touch to its overall look. The fixture is movable and is perfect for focusing light on a particular area.

There are many great options to consider, but the point is to find the light fixture that works best for you and your needs. Do not be afraid to browse until you find the right choice.


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