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Recessed Lighting

Buying Guide for Modern Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting fixtures provide a low profile and efficient way to illuminate just about any room in both residential and commercial settings. It is called recessed lighting because the lighting fixture is ‘recessed’ into the walls or ceilings.

The recessed lighting fixture is composed of two main pieces: housing and the trim.

The housing is the internal part of the fixture that is not visible – it is fixed into the wall or ceiling – and the trim is the visible part that you can see and which comes in different sizes, finishes, and shapes. Since the housing is hidden from a user’s view, there is no need to worry about unsightly cords interrupting the interior décor of the room.

In this guide, we will shed light on some of the things that you should consider when buying recessed lighting fixtures. The information contained herein will help you in selecting the best modern recessed lighting for the home, office, and other locations.

What size recessed lighting will look the best in a room?

You can find different sizes of recessed lighting. Keep in mind that when we say the size of the recessed lighting, we mean the aperture width of the lighting fixture. The aperture is the opening through which the light is projected.

Previously, the standard aperture size of recessed lighting fixture was 6-inches. However, today this standard size looks a bit outdated. Modern recessed lighting fixtures typically have an aperture size of 3- to 4-inches.

That being said, recessed lighting is, in reality, an architectural lighting solution. What size will look the best for a room depends on the place where you want to install the lighting fixture. While smaller size recessed lighting fixtures look elegant on a ceiling or a wall, they are not practical in every situation

You want to look at the size of the area that you want to illuminate when determining the right size recessed lighting.

Smaller size recessed lighting having an aperture size of 1- or 2-inches will look great for highlighting an object on the wall or detailing an area. In contrast, you should pick a recessed lighting with a 6-inch trim for general downlight and wall wash lighting.

For task lighting, the ideal aperture size is 5-inches. A 4-inch trim is suitable for accent lighting or task lighting with short throw distances such as over a counter or a bar. They are the ideal choice for inconspicuous but powerful accent lighting.

What shape and style of recessed lighting trim should I buy?

The trim of a recessed lighting comes in different shapes and styles. The style of trim you choose should be based on your design aesthetic.

You can buy a recessed lighting with a square or round shaped trim. Some of the recessed lighting fixtures feature decorative flange and glass, metal, or crystal lens. The choice regarding the trim style will mainly depend on your personal preference.

What type of recessed lighting trim do I want?

An important consideration when buying recessed lighting fixtures is the type of the trim that will look the best in a room. Recessed lighting fixtures come with different types of trims. You select a trim type based on the function for which the recessed lighting fixture will be used.

Some of the common types of recessed lighting trim that you can find in the market include the following.

Adjustable trim

A recessing lighting fixture with adjustable trim is the best choice when you want to highlight a specific area or object in a room. These lighting solutions offer control in aiming the light. You can use recessed lighting with adjustable trim for different purposes.

The lighting fixture with adjustable trim can be used for:

  • accent lighting

  • task lighting

  • general lighting

The adjustable trim allows you to project the light to the desired area of the room. A benefit of the lighting fixture is that the housing of the recessed light can be installed off center. And you can still achieve the desired lighting by adjusting the trim, which compensates for the location of the housing.

Baffle trim

Baffle trim is the right selection if you want to install the recessed lighting in the shower area or outdoor space. Make sure that you select recessed lighting that is suitable for the wet location<. The lighting fixture with a baffle trim is the best choice for illuminating living spaces such as dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, dens, and other similar places.

You can identify the baffle trim by its large uniform grooves. These grooves absorb excess light and help reduce the glare. They are usually available in two color choices: black and white. The black colored baffle trim reduces maximum glare, while the white colored baffle trim is used to reduce dark holes that appear in the ceiling.

Decorative trim

A recessed lighting fixture that features decorative trims can be used in multiple locations. They are mainly used to increase the appeal of a room. The decorative trim looks elegant and stylish thereby greatly adding to the look of the overall interior décor.

Lensed Trim

Lensed Trim help protects the interior housing and the bulb of the recessed lighting fixture from moisture. This makes it ideal for placement in wet locations such as shower area, bathrooms, and eave lighting outdoor area.

Reflector trim

A recessed lighting with reflector trim is the ideal choice for use in commercial areas with very high ceilings. They are also the best solution for the kitchen where food is prepared. The reflector trims allow the recessed light to project maximum amount of light. This is made possible due to the highly polished and smooth interior surface. The reflector trims come with multiple tints that can help in either warming the room, or hiding the bulb from view.

Wall washed trim

The wall washed trim feature a combination of the light scoop and directional reflector. Most residential scoop wall washers utilize CFL lamps, while commercial style wall washers utilize of Reflector/Bulbous Reflector (R/BR) lamps. The trims are usually spaced 20 to 30 inches apart.

The availability of the different type of trims certainly increases the complexity of selecting one for a room. But, it also means that you have greater choice to select one that meets your needs for the room lighting.

Should I Select a Recessed Lighting Fixture with LED bulb?

While there is no clear-cut yes-or-no option, but selecting a recessed lighting with a LED bulb would be a wise move. Why?

The main reason for selecting recessed LED lighting is that they use the least amount of power in illuminating a place as compared to other bulb types, such as halogen, incandescent, CFL, and compact CFL bulbs.

With the advancement in LED technology, the recessed lighting fixture that features LED bulbs can project bright light that an adequately illuminate a place. These lighting fixtures utilize less power that helps in cutting the energy bill. But that’s not all. The LED bulbs also last for a much longer time as compared to another type of bulbs.

When selecting recessed lighting fixtures, you must determine whether 110V-125V or 220V-240V lighting will be suitable in your area. If you reside in the US, Canada, or Japan you should select the former option. On the other hand, if you reside in Australia, China, Hong Kong, and Middle Eastern and European countries, you should select latter option. You can find out about the voltage used in your country by clicking here.

What are some of the recommended recessed lighting fixture by Interior Deluxe?

You can find many different types, sizes, and styles of recessed lighting fixtures at Interior Deluxe. We have modern lighting fixtures made by well-known brands, such as Alma Light, Artemide, Catellani & Smith, Leucos, SLV Lighting, Nimbus, Occhio and many others.

The recessed lighting fixture that you can find here come with different finishing including Aluminum, Black, and White. Moreover, we have both round and square shaped lighting fixtures.

The recessed lighting fixture that you can find here come with different finishing including Aluminum, Black, and White. Moreover, we have both round and square shaped lighting fixtures.

The most popular round shaped lighting fixtures include LED Slim Light Recessed Luminaire from SLV Lighting, New Tria LED 3W Set Recessed ceiling Lamp - Round from SLV Lighting, Skygarden Recessed Light from Flos, and Eyedown LED 3 Recessed ceiling Lamp from SLV Lighting.

On the other hand, our most popular square shaped lighting fixtures include Mini frame LED Recessed Luminaire from SLV Lighting, Downunder 2 Recessed Luminaire from SLV Lighting, Frame Basic LED Recessed Luminaire from SLV Lighting, and Frame Basic LED Recessed Luminaire from SLV Lighting.

All these lighting solutions can look perfect to illuminate any room in both residential and commercial settings. You can use these lights to both add to the appeal of the interior décor and also brilliantly illuminate the room.