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Pieter Adam Lighting

Based in the Netherlands - Pieter Adam Lighting was launched just a couple of years back by a few young entrepreneurs with a clear motive to produce high quality home & office luminaires. Their main focus was to present their clients with productive, stylish, functional & durable architectural lighting products at an affordable rate. This further led them to introducing 6 main themes of lighting fixtures amongst the original Pieter Adam Collection namely: Melting Paris, Odeon, Bronx, Rosedale, Melting Amsterdam and Twiggy. Each of these designer lamps holds a unique attribute & charm which adds a glow to all kinds of indoor spaces. Let us take a look at their prominent features

Melting Paris Collection – This collection by Pieter Adam is inspired by the simplicity in Nature and is created with an organic yet modern design that has the ability to appeal the masses. It includes a basic bronze/silver plated exterior. In addition to this, the company ensures that every single fixture is manually coated in wax before being casted in bronze. In spite of holding a common shape, these lamps are distinguished from the ordinary ones on the basis of their unique radiance & sharp finishing touch

The Odeon Collection – The most striking feature of Odeon series lighting equipments is its Diabolo shape which is incorporated by every fixture. These lamps provide a retro look to the indoor ambience and at the same time offers brilliant illumination due to its stacking and flared design.

The Bronx Collection – This particular lighting fixture is designed to appeal worldwide audience. One can clearly visualize the logo in every master piece included in this collection. Another common trait of lighting equipments within the Bronze series is the spherical interrelated connection along with bronze/silver rings which provides these luminaires with a unique & creative charm.

The Rosedale Collection – This series of products have been hugely appreciated for the brilliant combinations of glass and silver/gold/ bronze engages. The best aspect of these lamps is its creative architecture which unites contradicting forms glass with sharp & polished metal. Rosedale series of lighting fixtures are bigger in size as compared to the other collections presented. Most of them are table lamps with the potential to brighten-up any kind of indoor space with a royal radiance.

The Melting Amsterdam Collection – This Series features massive sized, multi-faceted, copper-painted chandeliers which depict the ones which were originally used in the ancient royal history of Amsterdam. Although, most parts of this equipment are handcrafted in order to maintain its traditional artistic appearance, certain aspects of it display a modern & stylish look. This allows the final product to resemble a pinch of the past & a tint of the future. They are manufactured with the use of high-quality Murano glass with a casting of gold, bronze, silver & silk. Yu can expect nothing but class & original design with the Melting Amsterdam Series.

The Twiggy Collection – This is the newest addition to the Collection and includes lighting fixtures which are durable and stylish. As the name of this collection itself depicts, the Twiggy collection is inspired from the natural capricious form of twigs. The creativity within these designs is clearly visible with superior quality brass, halogen light bulbs, mouth-blown glass and gold/silver finishing touches which play a very important role in its construction. Complete attention to detail ensures the attainment of perfectly crafted twig-shaped chandeliers and ceiling lights.