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Penta Lighting

The Italian based company Penta Light is a trusted name for providing contemporary & stylish designs of Table, Floor Pendant, Ceiling & Wall Lighting fixtures. This Italian lighting company represents functionality & radiance through their stylish indoor & outdoor luminaires. Penta light owns a rich assortment of lighting equipments that are constructed from high-quality materials comprising of glass, metal, wood, fabrics & blown glass. Each Luminaire produced by the company is carefully constructed after giving complete consideration to its safety features. The company works with a team of talented & professional designers/architects who have been consistently responsible for winning a lot of critical appreciation for their lighting fixtures. The most acclaimed fixtures manufactured by the organization are China Maxi & / Bag Table Floor lights. Let us have a detailed look at each of these masterpieces in

China Maxi table light - Nicola Gallizia is the designer of this particular series of lighting fixture which emits radiance throughout the room. One can access these lights in a variety of shapes and shades. This feature allows the user to personalize the use of this table light with their individual creativity. Like all lighting fixtures manufactured by this brand, china maxi model is also created with premium materials which guarantee maximum durability. One can either keep this lamp individually within a room or combine it with different sizes of the same model and enhance the indoor space

China Floor Light – Another striking piece of lighting equipment created by designer Nicola Gallizia, China Floor Light can be availed in a number of shades & sizes. This particular fixture is absolutely apt for a soothing ambience. It calms the atmosphere through its subtle brightness & appears to be absolutely elegant especially due to the usage of premium quality metal.

Bag table light – The Bag table light is created by Carlo Colombo who seems to have taken the inspiration from a mushroom for creating this fantastic lighting fixture. It can be availed in 2 variable sizes as per the room dimension & interiors. Similarly, one can also choose these lights in a variety of shades like Glossy Bordeaux/White/Black & finishing touches that compliments the mood & theme of the indoor space. This produced comes with a manufacturer guarantee which promises the customer with superior quality lights for a longer duration.

Bag Outdoor Floor Light – This massive piece of lighting equipment was introduced in 2008. It is manufactured with plastic materials is also designed by Carlo Colombo. The shape of this floor lamp is similar to that of a mushroom, but being an outdoor lamp, the architect has made a conscious effort to enlarge its size so as to grant maximum illumination. You can choose amongst Glossy Bordeaux, White & Black shaded lights, each of which improves the area’s overall appearance. You can also use your individual imagination to place these lights at a specific outdoor area. Penta floor lights can either be used as a sole lighting fixture or can be coupled with similar ones in different sizes.