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Pendant Lights

  • Bell Pendant light from Northern Lighting | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Bell Pendant light

    Northern Lighting
    $ 368.00

    The Bell Pendant light by Northern Lighting has been designed by Mark Braun . The Bell series consists of shiny porcelain pendant lights. The pure...

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  • Glo Pendant Light Large from Penta | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Glo Pendant Light Large

    from $ 1,249.00

    The Large Glo pendant light was designed by Carlo Colombo for Penta. The Large Glo pendant has a chromed metal structure with a borosilicate glass...

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  • Cielo Pendant Light from Pablo Designs | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Cielo Pendant Light

    Pablo Designs
    from $ 300.00

    The Cielo Pendant from Pablo has been designed by Pablo Studio. Modern, Cordelegant, and energy efficient, the Cielo Pendant features a fully dimma...

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  • Drop LED Pendant light from Anta | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Drop LED Pendant light

    $ 966.00

    The Drop pendant light by Anta has been designed by Fiedeler and Raasch. The Drop is composed of a glass drop with metal details in anodized alumin...

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  • Cirque Pendant Light from Louis Poulsen | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Cirque Pendant Light

    Louis Poulsen
    from $ 380.00

    The Cirque pendant light was inspired by a trip to the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen. The horizontal bands of color are an interpretation of the bri...

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  • Kelly Small Dome 50 Pendant Light from Studio Italia Design | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Kelly Small Dome 50 Pendant Light

    Studio Italia Design
    from $ 1,125.00

    The Kelly Small Dome 50 Pendant Light was designed by Andrea Tosetto and made by Studio Italia Design in Italy. This beautiful dome-shaped pendant ...

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  • Robinson Pendant Light from Carpyen | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Robinson Pendant Light

    from $ 890.50

    The Robinson Pendant Light by Carpyen was designed by Gabriel Teixido in 2008. Mobile suspension lamp with a turn of 360 degrees and tilting. Cotto...

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  • Extra S3 Pendant from Prandina | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Extra S3 Pendant

    from $ 769.00

    The Extra S3 pendant designed by Mengotti/Prandina is providing diffused and downward lighting. This suspension lamp consists of chrome or brushed ...

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  • Nostalgia Large Pendant Light from Studio Italia Design | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Nostalgia Large Pendant Light

    Studio Italia Design
    from $ 795.00

    The Nostalgia Pendant Light was designed and made by Studio Italia Design. The Nostalgia pendant light was designed by Dima Loginoff in 2015 and is...

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  • Global Single Pendant Light from Metal Lux | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Global Single Pendant Light

    Metal Lux
    from $ 430.00

    The Global Pendant Light is the newest collection designed by Studio Tecnico Metal Lux & SSD from Italy. Global is the newest collection design...

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  • Bola Disc Pendant Light from Pablo Designs | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Bola Disc Pendant Light

    Pablo Designs
    from $ 375.00

    The Bola Disc pendant light by Pablo Designs features an outstanding modern-contemporary fixture to complement interior layouts. Bola’s seamless si...

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  • Swell Single Pendant from Pablo Designs | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Swell Single Pendant

    Pablo Designs
    from $ 275.00

    The Swell Pendant from Pablo is perfect for modern, transitional or traditional spaces. Can be hung singly, as a chandelier, or as inter-connectab...

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  • Ge Suspension Light from Kartell | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Ge Suspension Light

    from $ 325.00

    The Ge Suspension Light has been designed by Ferruccio Laviani and made by Kartell. Ge Suspension Light is a contemporary pendant light consisting ...

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  • FL/Y Pendant Light from Kartell | Modern Lighting + Decor

    FL/Y Pendant Light

    $ 365.00

    The FL/Y Suspension Light has been designed by Ferruccio Laviani and made by Kartell. This modern, clean and simplistic fixture is created from tra...

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  • Mizu Seven Pendant Light from Terzani | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Mizu Seven Pendant Light

    from $ 3,150.00

    The Mizu seven pendant light or better known as "The Flowing Light" by Terzani was designed by Nicolas Terzani. Each Mizu seven pendant resembles a...

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  • Mizu Pendant Light from Terzani | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Mizu Pendant Light

    from $ 445.00

    The Mizu pendant light, or better known as "The Flowing Light" by Terzani was designed by Nicolas Terzani. Each Mizu pendant resembles a water drop...

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  • PH 4/3 pendant light from Louis Poulsen | Modern Lighting + Decor

    PH 4/3 pendant light

    Louis Poulsen
    $ 646.00

    The PH 4/3 pendant light fromLouis Poulsen has been designed by Poul Henningsen in 1966. This suspension mounted luminaire is great for incandescen...

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  • Damasco SP P Pendant Light from Vistosi | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Damasco SP P Pendant Light

    from $ 270.00

    The Damasco pendant light by Vistosi is designed by Paolo Crepax 2003. This lamp is created using "Bozzolo" technique, which entails manually apply...

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  • Magica Barrel Pendant Light from Oggetti | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Magica Barrel Pendant Light

    from $ 708.00

    The Magica Barrel Pendant Light is made in Venice, Italy manufactured by Oggetti. The shades are first blown, then painted, and then ground with a ...

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  • Impossible B65/B85 Pendant Light from Metal Lux | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Impossible B65/B85 Pendant Light

    Metal Lux
    from $ 1,250.00

    The Impossible B65/B85 Pendant Light is the new collection designed by architect Massimo Mussapi made in Italy. It consists of different models in...

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  • Impossible A Pendant Light from Metal Lux | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Impossible A Pendant Light

    Metal Lux
    from $ 1,100.00

    The Impossible A Pendant Light is the new collection designed by architect Massimo Mussapi from Italy. It consists of different models in a large ...

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  • Cut Short Pendant Light from Tom Dixon | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Cut Short Pendant Light

    Tom Dixon
    $ 710.00

    Futuristic and faceted, The Cut Short pendant light is an exercise in an optic. When the light is turned off, the space-age mirror finish is the hi...

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  • Nia S Suspension Light from Leucos | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Nia S Suspension Light

    $ 467.00

    The Nia S Suspension Light was designed by Roberto Paoli in 2013 and was made in Italy. The Nia S Suspensions is a collection of pendants that take...

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  • Solis Drum pendant lamp from Pablo Designs | Modern Lighting + Decor

    Solis Drum pendant lamp

    Pablo Designs
    from $ 795.00

    The Solis Drum Pendant lamp innovative lamp by Pablo Designs was designed by Carmine Deganello and made in the USA. The Solis Pendant innovative i...

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Pendant Lights - Buying guide

Light in All Directions

Initially, you should think about how and where you want to use your new light fixture, and what kind of light you want it to give off. Do you like soft light that provides comfort? In this case, large objects that emit light in all directions, creating a certain aura, and being at the center of attention, are viable options. You may also like focused zone lighting, which is preferable for the dining room table. Here, the selection is even greater. It ranges from simple lampshades that cover your lamp to technologically advanced and creative solutions of any size or cost. The third type of pendant light is space light, which is used as background lighting for your room. Many of the available lamps emit light upwards toward the ceiling, illuminating the room indirectly in a comfortable manner. Lights pointed downwards provide zone light, while lights pointed upwards generate a relaxed atmosphere.

The Ideal Place for a Pendant Light

Pendant lights are especially useful in rooms with high ceilings, or in places where you don’t have to walk underneath them; for example, near a wall or as a spotlight above a sideboard. A dangerously low-hanging lamp can be avoided during the planning stage. Chandeliers serve as a prime example for this. In lobbies with high ceilings, bedrooms, or large bathrooms an elegant pendant light can act as a focal point. They also can be used to structure hallways visually, and they look quite appealing when hung in patterns.

Classic Dining Table

One of the ideal places to hang a pendant light is, without a doubt, the dining room table. Be sure to use focused, no-glare light, mounted above the table’s center. You always want to see what you eat, as you eat with your eyes first. Depending on the length of the table, several lights, or one long light fixture might be necessary. Avoid an asymmetric array, like this, can lead to imbalance during dinner. In particular for dining table lamps, which are always right in front of one’s eyes, it is appealing to choose lights that feature well thought-out design and quality materials. In any case, a beautiful object above the table accentuates its meaning. The best choice is a dimmable light, as more brightness is required during the meal. After dinner, when enjoying the evening with a glass of wine in a relaxed atmosphere, dim light is more pleasurable.

Don’t Fear the Drill!

In order mount a pendant light you can’t shy away from drilling a hole in your ceiling. It is important that you determine the exact location of the lamp ahead of time. As you can imagine, pendant lights are much less flexible than floor lamps, which can easily be rearranged. Lights mounted to the ceiling tend to stay in the same spot for years. Do not be afraid to move them, however, if the setup of your living space has changed.

Where to hang your new pendant light?

If you are asking yourself whether you should hang your lamp in the ideal spot, or where the cable protrudes from the ceiling, you should give precedence to the best location. The cables are usually in the wrong place, but shorter distances can be covered using a wire hanging in parabolic, simple, yet elegant form. Recessing the cable into the ceiling certainly would be preferable. However, it is work intensive and should be done by a certified electrician to avoid safety hazards

Add a bit character to your space with pendant lights

Give your interior an instant glow with contemporary pendant lighting fixtures.

We have many light fixtures for you to choose from. A leading manufacturer has manufactured each of these. They also come in a variety of colors, styles, and materials.


Learn more about fixtures recommended by lighting specialists:

Pendant lights are an essential light component for any home. The light fixture hangs from the ceiling suspended by a chain, cord, or metal rods. They are mostly used in multiples and suspended in series, usually in dining rooms and kitchens.

At Interior-deluxe, you can find different types and sizes of pendant lights. You can find an exclusive range of pendant lights by well-known brands such as >Alma Light >Catellani & Smith >Decor Walther > Santa & Cole > Tobias Grau > Zaneen Panzeri, and many others, all of which represent a perfect fusion of elegant design and excellent functionality in their products.

We offer different varieties of pendants that you can choose according to your preferences.

If it’s a stunning visual impression you want to make while illuminating the room, the Mini Pendants would be an excellent choice. These pendants are perfect for the major locations such as in the counter area, bar, or dining room.

The mini pendants can be staggered or hung at the same height. Whichever way you decorate the rooms, the mini pendants will offer stunning lighting arrangements. For instance, Sweet Light Pendant by the Italian brand Catellani & Smith is a spectacular lamp, with a ball formed out of aluminum wire that shines from the inside.

Another great mini pendant is the FlyCandle Fly! Suspended Candle designed by George Baldele for Ingo Maurer. It looks great, especially when hung over dining tables, appearing to be suspended in the air as if by magic!

If you like something mellow, consider lighting up the rooms with mini pendants such as the Cubi Pendant Light designed by Ufficio Stile/Tre. The suspension mounted light features a satin white diffuser that is made of layered glass. It is perfect for halogen lighting. This elaborately designed pendant looks great in any contemporary settings, significantly enhancing the visual appeal of the room.

If you want something fancier, take a look at our Multi Light Pendants. The Multi Light Pendants consist of multiple mini pendants fixed to a single canopy in different formations such as square, linear, circular, or rectangular.

For maximum visual impact, you can hang these pendant lightings at either the same height or staggered heights. Popular Multi Light Pendants include Diamante SP 3 Pendant Light from Vistosi, Mizu Five Pendant Light from Terzani, and New Veli 7 Suspension Light from Slamp

Looking for a pendant with adjustable height? Our Adjustable Pendants Lights would be the perfect fit. These lights are ideal for hanging above office desks, dining room tables, kitchen counter, and even pool tables. You can customize the height of these pendants by pulling the counter weight bar. If you want to lengthen the suspension light pull the counterweight bar down. To shorten the pendant light, push the weight bar upwards.

Our extensive collection of adjustable pendant lights boasts of a variety of shapes and designs. From the modern and ultra stylish to contemporary and straightforward, you can find a pendant light suited to your taste and preferences. Some examples of stylish and stylish adjustable pendants that you can find in our collection include Ambra pendant light 4536 from Linea Light, Medea 4 Pendant Light from Schuller, and Urano Pendant Light from Schuller.

Are you bored with the existing look of the rooms? If so, adding Drum Shade Pendants offers a quick and easy way to update the décor and rock of the room. These lightings are designed in a way that looks contemporary and chic at the same time. The pendants offer a rustic charm that improves the visual appeal of any room.

You can add these pendant lights to any room inside the house including living room, bedrooms, dining rooms, and kitchen. The best drum-shaped pendants in our collection include Reef Single Pendant Light from Serien Lighting, Gisele 6825 pendant Light from Linea Light, and Tress Grande Pendant Light from Foscarini

For those of you that want to add a modern touch to their homes, Pendant lights with LED lighting will best serve the need. The 21st-century lighting is ideal for adding charm, sophistication, and style to the room décor. With this lighting installed in your house, you can also save on utility bills as LED lights are extremely energy efficient.

Other than that, the LED light provides a captivating visual element to any room of the house. Some of the most popular pendant LED lights that you can find in our collection include at Pirce pendant light from Artemide, Sima LED Pendant Light - Oval from Helestra, and Convivio New LED Sopratavolo Decentrata Pendant Light from Cini & Nils

Going for an elegant, minimalistic approach and want to illuminate a large room with a single light? Check out our extensive collection of Large Pendant Lights. These lights bring the bold and beautiful look to any house. They look fantastic in large kitchen or offices. Examples of ultra chic and beautiful large pendant lights include, Formosa C2 pendant light from Anton Angeli, Fil De Fer LED Pendant Light from Catellani & Smith, and Diamante chandelier from Marchetti .

Finally, there’s our line-up pf Dome Shaped Pendants, featuring an inner shade that directs light in a downward direction. The slim and elegantly designed dome-shaped pendants provide the perfect combination of function and form. Forchini PD-2 Suspension Lamp from SLV Lighting, Empty 439 LED Pendant Light from Oluce, and Cupole Pendant Light 6382 from Linea Light are some of the best examples of dome shaped pendant lighting that you can buy to illuminate your rooms.

You can quickly inject effervescence and modern style and ambiance into your rooms with well-placed pendant lights of different size and design. Our extensive collection of pendant lights is perfect for various purposes from bright task lighting to sultry mood lighting. These are available in a variety of colors, design, and materials that you can select to complement the home décor perfectly.

Still not sure which Pendant Lights to get?

Call us today on +1-866-477-1345 and our ALA certified lighting experts will provide you with inspiration and guide you through the process!

Additional information on Pendant lights

Sleek, elegant, and ultimately modern, contemporary pendant light is a perfect choice for those who enjoy unique lighting solutions. Suspended gracefully from the ceiling, pendant lights make a bold statement without occupying precious floor space.

Read our How to guide about How to shop for pendant lights or learn some tips about how to choose Pendant lights by our editors below.

Whether round, square or linear; whether slender or bold: pendant lights are focal points in any room and at the push of a button, they turn into hovering, glowing objects. An ideal location for a pendant light is above the dining room table. Be sure to use focused, no-glare light, mounted above the table’s center.

Large pendant lights rarely fail to leave an impression, as a glowing object floating at eye-level is very hard to miss. Of course, size and emission of light in all directions are important factors for this to hold true. Small light fixtures have the opposite effect. In the dark, they can fade into small, discreet, but bright light emitters. An inglorious exception is given by the ordinary light bulb, which aimlessly shines in all directions dangling from its socket attached to a cable. This typically happens when people forget to buy a simple lampshade after a move. Pendant lights exist in many variations ranging from reductionist and single slender lamps to “classic” round or cylindrical lights and all the way to large crystal chandeliers with dozens of light sources. High-quality models are designed for the desired effect to improve the mood in your space, especially when they are big or sculpture like.

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