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4th of July Sale - Savings up to 50% OFF! Shop Now »

Pablo Designs Lighting

The California based company Pablo Designs was launched almost 20 years back by Pablo Pardo, an industrial designer by profession who started this company with the sole intention of offering the best utility lighting solutions at affordable rates. Pablo was born into a family of creative artists & interior designers. He used his in-built talent & professional knowledge on this subject to construct exceptional lighting equipments that gained international acclaim. Their first Studio was set-up in San-Francisco. The company has successfully displayed its creativity through their unique designs that have bagged several awards in the past. The most renowned lighting fixture is the Piccola table lamp which was designed by Pablo Pardo himself & was introduced in the year 1993.

This particular lighting equipment also went-on to receive high critical acclaim in the forthcoming years after its introduction in the market. Their fixtures are well-known their simplistic approach at creating exceptionally styled & extremely functional lamps/lights for decorating all kinds of indoor settings. Their bestsellers include the Elise Lamp, Tube-Top Lamp, Umbrella Light, Tube-top Color Lamp, Isabella Lamp, Pixo Task Lamp, Clamp Task Lamp & Light table bench. These lighting equipments have seen tremendous sales figures not only because they compliment every kind of interior superbly but also because they fall within the price range of $90 to & $350 which makes its very affordable. Since the time of its establishment, the company has strictly followed the philosophy of ‘less is more’ which is why you can expect purely functional features in every piece of light fixture manufactured by this company.

Let us take a look at the salient features of a few highly appreciated masterpieces

Piccola Lamp – This is a leather-based table lamp which is completely flexible and can be tilted to any direction. It can be easily adjusted so as to focus the light in all corners of the table. It also comes with a high-quality halogen bulb which is covered with an aluminum covering. This adds to the look & appeal of the Pardo Piccola Lamp

Isabella Lamp – This lighting equipment is available as lamp & a candleholder. The Isabella Lamp includes an aluminum stand with superior finishing touches, whereas its upper body consists of white colored polycarbonate covering. This lamp is most suitable for being used in bedroom or living rooms of residential apartments. It can be availed with a dimmer switch for adjusting the brightness of the lamp. The elegant design of this lighting equipment is the main factor contributing towards its immense popularity in the market.

Elise Lamp – The design of this lamp clearly depicts a modern-age lighting equipment which is absolutely apt for being used in residential and commercial settings. It is designed in a manner which complements the interiors of any room even when it is switched-off. The Elise Lamp comes with a dimming switch which can be used for adjusting its brightness in order to suit any mood.

Lighthouse Lamp – Simple Design combined with maximum efficiency in use is what clearly describes the Lighthouse lamp which was introduced in the year 2000. The basic idea behind this lamp is to distribute the rays of light across the room in such a manner that it is emitted through a clear acrylic lens, thereby giving a brighter appearance to the entire indoor setting. This lamp can be adjusted in 360° & also comes with a dimming switch which can be used for adjusting the brightness as per the mood or theme.