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Outdoor Ceiling Lights

Outdoor Ceiling Lights - Q&A

Outdoor lighting is an excellent addition to your landscaping designs and serves numerous functions around a property. Lighting accentuates the beauty of your garden and landscape regardless of whether it’s a stone sculpture in the middle of the yard, a lap pool in your backyard, or an azalea flowerbed surrounding the home. The outdoor lighting market offers a myriad of selections when in need of light fixtures, and making the right choice can be daunting, to say the least. Learning about some basics will lighten that burden.

What are the Current Interior and Lighting Trends in Outdoor lighting, and which Role does lighting Play?

As with anything else that depends on technology, lighting trends keep evolving. Not so long ago, outdoor lighting was just about providing functional features. The industry has moved past that and lights nowadays are more fashionable than anything. There has been a huge focus on providing fixtures that complement interior and exterior aesthetics.

Another trend that you will come across is energy efficient fixtures. It is the reason LED lighting has become wildly popular. With the increasing costs of fuel, everyone is on the lookout for energy savings. LED lights are extremely efficient at that. Energy efficient lighting means that a homeowner doesn’t have to forgo lighting the outdoors because of inflated power bills.

Enhancement lighting is also a hot commodity now. The outdoors is meant to be enjoyed and just because it is nighttime should not stop you from taking full advantage of our front or back yard. Enhancement lighting is used to highlight entertainment areas such as pools, gazebos, water features, and sitting walls.

Automated control is another trend that you can enjoy with your outdoor lights. In today’s world, technology allows you to control everything from one central point and without even being physically present. Automated lighting features make it easy to monitor your lighting and save time. Timers make it possible to switch lights on even when you are not at home, which is ideal for security.

Besides bringing out the beauty of your landscape, lighting has other functions to play. Installing outdoor lighting is a great way to reinforce the security around your home. A heavily treed compound provides a lot of spots for intruders to hide, and you can fix that by adding lights around those areas. Motion sensor lights are the most effective solutions when seeking to utilize outdoor lighting as a security measure because they act as deterrents.

Lighting exterior surroundings means that you can walk around without worrying about tripping on surfaces or stones lying in your way. Sprinkler heads can especially pose a high risk of injury for both people and pets during the night.

How Much Wattage (LED Power) do I Need for Outdoor Illumination?

When buying outdoor lighting, the brightness of the bulb is one of the factors for consideration. Understanding light output makes it less complicated to choose a suitable light fixture. The type of lighting will determine the wattage. For instance, a flood light has to be very bright, so 700-1000 watts may be favorable. If the bulbs are for lamp posts, then a wattage value of about 200-300 will be suitable. The degree of power should be proportional to the illumination requirements of a given area.

How Many Lumens do I need for my Outdoor Ceiling Light?

Lumen is the unit for measuring visible light as opposed to the power a bulb consumes. When picking LED bulbs, weigh the lumens of each choice if you are to get it right. For outdoor ceiling lights, you not only have to factor in the brightness but the size, shape, and temperature of the bulb. The appropriate lumens will depend on the type of lighting. If its ambient light, then you want low brightness, so 100 lumens is fine. If it is for security, then an average of 200 will do. However, an expert can help you determine the most accurate lumens are accounting to the requirements of your home.

What are your Bestsellers in Outdoor Ceiling Lights?

Sitra Ceiling GX53 LED- this surface mounted luminaire comes with a cylindrical housing that gives it a sophisticated feel. The three color variants of white, gray, and black all accentuate the aluminum and glass covering of the fixture. It is rated IP44 and suitable for LED light sources.

Modul Q9 Aqua LED- the flat build of this ceiling light makes it suitable for damp areas. This Nimbus design LED fixture illuminates in wide beams; hence, its suitability for the outdoors.

Modul R 36 Aqua LED- another Nimbus design that suits the areas that get moisture exposure. This LED fixture has a stylish design that not only provides wide-angle illumination but harmonizes your décor as well.

Romeo outdoor C1 light- the drum-shaped diffuser comes in black and brown. The ceiling fixture hangs from a stainless steel stem that complements the diffuser nicely to give you an attractive piece of your landscape lighting.

Rox GX53 Out- the elegant aluminum body of the fixture offers a safe housing for a LED bulb. Its design allows it to mount on a wall just as good as on a ceiling.

Why use LED Lighting in my Outdoor Ceiling Fixtures?

LED lights continue to dominate the outdoor lighting market and with good reason. Besides using less energy, LED bulbs last longer than most. You get to save money when you don’t have to replace bulbs every few weeks. LED lights make the perfect choice when looking for bulbs that light in a specific direction.

What Else can I do on my Outdoor Lights to Enhance Curb Appeal?

A lighting plan will help set up fixtures in the right areas. It also makes it easier to integrate lighting with the existing landscape and exterior features of the property. Use accessories that protect light pollution during the night. The nighttime environment needs protection, and that means reducing glare. When picking outdoor lighting fixtures, go for the ones that will last through any weather to avoid constant replacements and repairs. Always choose lights that are appropriate in size. From the street, a light fixture should appear half its size, so consider that in our selection.


Our selection of insect-proof, weather-resistant outdoor ceiling lights come in some creative shapes and innovative designs to complement your exterior space. With high-quality modern styles available from manufacturers such as Flos and Icone Luce, we're sure to have the perfect piece to suit your needs and guarantee your utmost satisfaction.